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Base closure and realignment report
United States. Department of Defense.
"Contains the Department's recommendations to realign or close military installations within the United States and its territories. These recommendations strengthen national security by reshaping the domestic installations at which U.S. military forces perform their assigned missions. Volume 1 describes the Department's overall BRAC selection process; provides an unclassified version of the force structure plan; and details the Department's closure and realignment recommendations and their justifications. Eleven other volumes will be provided under separate cover. Volume II is the classified force structure plan, which is available on a restricted basis. Volumes III-XII further describe the analytical processes and recommendations of each of the Department's 10 proponent organizations -- the three Military Departments and seven Joint Cross-Service Groups (JCSGs)."
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Title from v. 1, pt. 1 title screen (viewed on May 17, 2005).

"May 2005"--Pt. 1.
Results and process -- Detailed recommendations --
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