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Tredgold on the steam engine ...
Tredgold, Thomas, 1788-1829.
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London : James S. Virtue [date of publication not identified]
Physical Description:
3 volumes : illustrations, plates (part folded) diagrams ; 30 cm
General Note:
Vols. 1-2 have subtitle: Marine engines and boilers: exemplified in numerous examples of British and American steam vessels, with descriptive text by eminent engineers; v. 3 has subtitle: Locomotive and stationary engines: the principles and practice of their construction, exemplified in numerous examples, with descriptive text by eminent engineers.

--v. 3. A complete set of rules and regulations for the pratical management of a locomotive engine, by John Sewell.--Express carriage engine, by James Samuel.--On the dimensions of the locomotive engine boiler, by R. Armstrong.--Description of the outside-cylinder tank engine, by H.B. Barlow.--Observations on the consumption of fuel and the evaporation of water in locomotive and other steam engines, by Edward Woods.--Locomotive engines. Description of the patent locomotive steam engine, made by Messrs. Robert Stephenson and Co.--Locomotive engines. Specifications for the passenger engines on the Caledonian Railway.--Locomotive engines. Description and specifications of the passenger locomotive engine 'Wrekin', constructed by Messrs. Bury, Curtis and Kennedy ... Locomotive engines. Description of the first-class express engine made by R. & W. Hawthorn.--Locomotive engines. Description and specification of Crampton's patent locomotive engine 'Liverpool'.

--Stationary engines. Pumping engine erected at the new dry dock for the naval station, New York.--Stationary engines. On the general theory of the steam engine, by W.S.B. Woolhouse.--Description, with illustrations, of the turbine water-wheel at Lowell, Massachusetts, by James B. Francis.--Steam corn-mills erected at Smyrna, and worked by engines constructed by W. Joyce and Co.
v. 1. Properties of steam.--Steam navigation. History of the steam engine.--Steam navigation. Memoir of Her Majesty's steam ship the "Medea", during a service of nearly four years, by Capt. Thomas Baldock.--Steam navigation. A form of steam journal ... by Capt. Thomas Baldock.--Appendix. Table showing the velocity of the centre of effort of the paddles of steam vessels.--v. 2. Explanation of the plates with references to the articles in which the construction is investigated.--On marine boilers, by J. Dinnen, with notes by Robert Armstrong.--On the introduction and progressive increase of screw propulsion in Her Majesty's navy.--Description of the disc engine, by George Rennie.--The propulsion of vessels by the screw, by R. Bodmer.--Glossary of terms connected with marine engines and boilers, with French and Spanish translations.
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