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What's going on? (in modern Texas folklore)
Abernethy, Francis Edward.
First edition.
Publication Information:
Austin : Encino Press, 1976.
Physical Description:
xi, 309 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
Shuffler, R. H. And that's how some folklore is born.--Nichols, O. M. Jack Ruby.--Marcus, S. Neiman-Marcus lore from the inside.--Carpenter, A. Cobras at K-Mart.--Duncan, R. J. Chain letters.--Byrd, J. W. A bumper crop of modern epigrams.--Hudson, J. The sissy test.--Dykes, L. L. The ghost and tiny Alice.--McCullen, J. T. From the halls of justice.--Russell, R. L. The folklore of marijuana.--Nye, H. Texas tea and rainy day woman.--Lee, J. W. Bury my heart at wounded 'neck.--McDonald, A. P. You gotcha ears on?--Martin, W. C. Preparing the fatted calf.--Mansfield, D. Rodeo cowboy 1976.--Doyle, C. C. As the hearse goes by.--Abernethy, F. E. Give the world a smile each day.--Lomax, J. F. Zydeco--must live on!--Logsdon, G. Western swing.--Malone, B. C. Growing up with Texas country music.--Reid, J. Postscript: the improbable rise of redneck rock.--Alexander, S. G. Backwoods beer busts.
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