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Dance, identity and integration : tributes to the late Carl Worz and Muriel Topaz ; conference proceedings
International Dance Conference (2004 : Taipei, Taiwan)
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Taipei, Taiwan : Conference/Taipei National University of the Arts, [2004]
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vii, 344 pages ; 30 cm
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Presenters: Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong Dance Alliance, Provisional Urban Council, and Provisional Regional Council.
role of doctoral research in cultural change -- Dream yourself anew: choreographic strategies in women's solo contemporary dance making -- Crossing cultural and generational boundaries with a reconstruction of "Bamboo grove" -- Boost: a healing narrative through somatics and dance -- Memory fields: creative explorations for movement and analysis -- Contemporary dance and identity: the Singapore experience -- Embodying gender struggle and social protest: the influence of tanztheater and the awakening of feminist consciousness in Taiwan's modern dance -- transition of nation identity in Taiwan and the politics of exporting minzu wudao -- Feminine qualities as conceptual embodiment in Korean dance: decoding Seung-Hee Choi's dance -- Quest for artistic integrity: Balanchine's musical and choreographic reconstructions -- New roles for traditional dance and dancers in Thailand -- Identities in motion -- Balanchine, Wittgenstein, and Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo: philosophical insights through artistic parody -- Expression of dance movement techniques in Peking opera: focusing on segmentation and unification express -- Emergent cultural and social dance identities in Aotearoa, New Zealand -- On movement: bodily experiences and the self -- decade of patriotism: the works of Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman, 1930-1940 -- Wrestling with the angels: from yellow-face performance to performing yellow power of modern China (1938-1959) -- Public vs. private displays: reinventing tradition in the dances of Sabah and Sarawak -- What makes the snake-dissection of a contemporary Southeast Asian work -- Dance in the plays of Gao Xingjian and David Henry Hwang -- Gusmiata Suid and Gumarang Sakti: moving forward with tradition -- Becoming the other in my own land: deconstructing the hidden ideology in the representation of Taiwanese aboriginal dance -- Singapore ethnic dance development in the socio-economic and socio-political environment -- To heal, to astonish, to know: what will propel Australian dances' future? -- Living transformative lives: a doctoral dissertation on the life-world of Finnish contemporary freelance dance artists -- Ballet class in flux: multiple embodiment and the dancer's cultural agency -- Dance and socio-cultural identity: two tribes of eastern India.

Preservation and research of materials of the traditional dancing culture of Yunnan's minority groups (aboriginal) -- study of space direction in Sanjai Juku's work: "The egg stands out of curiosity-Unetsu (egg fever)": in comparison to karensansui (dry landscape Japanese garden) -- Endemic species of Caribbean island dance -- Affirming community identity through dance -- Performing the post-human: dancing with cognitive systems (2002) -- Folk dances in the postmodern society -- Riverdance boy -- Taiwan's female choreographers: the next generation -- Human rights through the eyes of artists -- Erick Hawkin's 1991 tour to China and Japan: a reconsideration of Asian aesthetics on his approach to dance -- Political movements?! -- Wu shu gong fang yi shi zhi chu tan exploration of the notion of "offending and defending" in Chinese martial arts].
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