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Growth of the American Revolution, 1766-1775
Knollenberg, Bernhard, 1892-1973.
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Indianapolis : Liberty Fund, [2003]

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lii, 621 pages ; 24 cm
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Originally published: New York : Free Press, 1975.
The Rockingham Ministry and the Stamp Act -- Repeal of the Stamp Act and passage of the Declaratory Act -- Colonial grievances remaining after the repeal of the Stamp Act -- The Chatham Ministry and its inherited colonial problems -- The Townshend Act Duties of 1767 -- The Farmer's Letters -- Protests, non-importation agreements, and Hillsborough's provocative letters -- The American Customs Board and the Liberty riot -- The treason resolution : proposed revision of the Townshend Act -- Revision of the Townshend Act and dilution of non-importation -- British troops at Boston and the "Boston Massacre" -- The Gaspee affair and the judges' salary controversy -- The Tea Act of 1773 -- Colonial opposition to the Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party -- The Boston Port Act and British troops to Boston -- Proposals for a tighter rein on Massachusetts -- The Massachusetts Petition of 1773 and its consequences -- The Massachusetts Regulating and Administration of Justice Acts -- The Quebec Act -- Calls for a general congress and instructions to the delegates -- Unifying and divisive elements in the Congress -- The Continental Congress : first steps -- Statement of grievances and approval of the Suffolk Resolves -- The association and the memorial to the colonists -- Petition to the king and other state papers of the Congress -- Developments in Massachusetts : May-September, 1774 -- The British government and the colonies : June, 1774-April, 1775 -- The colonial response to the Congress -- Massachusetts prepares for war : October, 1774-April, 1775 -- Gage's military activities while awaiting orders from England -- Dartmouth's letter galvanizes Gage into action -- The day of Lexington and Concord : April 19, 1775.

Appendixes: Irritants before 1765 -- Colonial Tories and Whigs -- George III and establishment of the Rockingham Ministry -- The Act of 1696 and the Declaratory Act of 1766 -- The Act of 1663 and colonial admiralty courts -- The Free Port Act of 1766 -- General writs of assistance -- Project for Anglican bishops in the colonies -- The admiralty court at Halifax and its successors -- Uneven observance of the non-importation agreemtns -- Impressment and the case of Michael Corbet -- Clashes between civilians and British troops in New York -- The refund of duty on tea -- Was the Dartmouth ordered to enter port? -- Election of delegates from Pennsylvania -- New York politics and the New York delegation to the congress -- Members of the First Continental Congress -- Samuel Adams' conduct as collector of taxes -- Galloway's plan of union -- Grievances again the Crown -- The Suffolk County resolves -- The solemn league and covenant -- Who furnished the information about proceedings of the Congress? -- Peace negotiations of Benjamin Franklin -- New York and the Continantal Congress : 1775 -- Colonial Whigs and Negro slavery : 1765-1775 -- April 19th : the conflict of evidence.

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