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Not so prime time : chasing the trivial on American television
Rosenberg, Howard, 1938-
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Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, [2004]

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xviii, 269 pages ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
Team coverage of breaking news ; Poor Richard's almanac of horrors ; Obsession, not proportion, drives television news ; Her nose makes news ; Private lives and prying public ; First amendment, shmendment ; When ride-alongs take the public for a ride ; Foreign news? It's all alien to the networks ; Let's hear it (again) for old glory ; A lox named fox ; If you're not for yourself, who will be for you? ; The blurred lines of today's "reality" ; Celebrating fiction as fact ; Paul goes home ; Propping up the Berlin Wall ; Out of the anchor chair, into the fray ; The Russian roulette of live news coverage ; To air is human, especially when it's live ; Live from Iraq, ready or not ; Publicity, they name is Schwarzenegger ; The day the world shattered ; Ratting on Bill was her duty ; Wanna confess? Call Montel ; How was poor Jenny to know he was a ticking time bomb? ; Communing with nature by destroying it ; Transgressing all the way to the bank ; The art of rebounding ; When crummy acting and writing equal fun ; In "ark, " Noah plays friars club ; A tale of two miniseries ; The face that launched a thousand cliches ; Infomercials disguised as conventions ; Judging political parties by their stagecraft ; And now, for my next rehearsed ad lib ; Do great moves make great presidents? ; When his presence is the message ; Our president: man or mannequin? ; Bush's image fails to fill the screen ; When no news is big news ; White meat or dark? ; D-day and the resonance of war now and then ; Looking to the past to see the present ; A new war, but the same old tube ; War as a sales tool ; Seeking symbolic moments in the tides of history ; Talking the talk before taking the walk ; Ultimate reality ; Timothy McVeigh: the closed circuit ; Let's bring camera's to death's door ; O.J. on trial ; The year of Simpson ; The case for cameras in courtrooms ; Give Bin Laden his (televised) day in court ; One picture can be worth a thousand clips ; The death of Challenger recalled ; Columbia: freeze this frame ; High noon in television's high court ; TV keeps the dreams, and dross, alive ; Big man, big laughs, big legacy ; Excellence, from "Marty" to the mafia ; I confess! I did watch Perry Mason! ; A toast for Kuralt and one for the road ; Contemplating Cosell ; The life of a national hero has its perils ; A "masterpiece theatre" of pomp and puff ; When the coverage is as senseless as the tragedy
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