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Tell me how I'm doing : a fable about the importance of giving feedback
Williams, Richard L. (Richard Leonard), 1943-
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New York : AMACOM, American Management Association, [2005]

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xvi, 23 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
The experiment. Complete this statement. The invisible man -- The wake-up call. Next class with the guest. The feedback instrument. Opportunity for improvement (OFI). Five things to know about feedback. Trouble concentrating -- The feedback bucket. The metaphor. Holes in the bucket. Team meetings. An unexpected question -- Types of feedback. Next classroom session. A bucket shot full of holes. Three steps for Scott -- Blinding flash of the obvious (BFO) & food always works (FAW). Manager in the hallway. The third step -- What to reinforce. Three steps at home. The abused woman -- Reinforcing the positive. The next training session. The targets at seaworld. Boys' bedrooms. Supportive feedback formula -- Corrective feedback-the tough one. Two directions. The pressure for profit. This isn't easy. Common methods of changing behavior. Steps of corrective feedback. Behavior, performance and results. The dinner date. Corrective feedback with questions. A ton of questions. Problem and solution ownership. Assertive statements to correct behavior -- The challenge is making it happen. Time to support. Manager in the hallway. Time to correct. Graduation. Time for a vacation.
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