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The dinosaur papers, 1676-1906
Weishampel, David B., 1952-
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Washington : Smithsonian Books, [2003]

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xvii, 524 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
An excerpt from The natural history of Oxfordshire : from the introduction and chapter 5 "Of formed stones" / Robert Plot -- An excerpt from Researches into the fossilized bones of quadrupeds : on the fossilized bones of crocodiles, and particularly on those found in the vicinity of Havre and Honfleur, with remarks on the saurian skeletons of Thuringia / Baron Georges Cuvier -- Notice of the discovery of a new fossil animal, forming a link between the Ichthyosaurus and crocodile, together with general remarks on the osteology of the Ichthyosaurus / H.T. de la Beche and W.D. Conybeare -- Notice on the Megalosaurus or great fossil lizard of Stonesfield / William Buckland -- On the discovery of an almost perfect skeleton of the Plesiosaurus / W.D. Conybeare -- Notice on the Iguanodon, a newly discovered fossil reptile, from the sandstone of Tilgate Forest, in Sussex / Gideon A. Mantell -- On the discovery of a new species of pterodactyle in the Lias of Lyme Regis / William Buckland -- An excerpt from Handbuch der Petrefactenkunde : Iguanodon Mantell, Iguanosaurus anglicum / Freidrich Holl -- An excerpt from The geology of the south-east of England : saurians / Gideon Mantell -- On the discovery of fossil bones of the Iguanodon, in the iron sand of the Wealden Formation in the Isle of Wight, and in the Isle of Purbeck / William Buckland -- On the structure of the fossil saurians from the "Palaeologica zur Geschichte der Erde und ihrer Geschöpfe" / Hermann von Meyer -- Ornithichnology : description of the foot marks of birds (ornithichnites) on new red sandstone in Massachusetts / Edward Hitchcock -- Communications, sent to Professor Bronn (Mittheilungen, an Professor Bronn gerichtet) / Hermann von Meyer --

An excerpt from the Report on British fossil reptiles : dinosaurians / Richard Owen -- On the structure of the jaws and teeth of the Iguanodon / Gideon Algernon Mantell -- On visual education as applied to geology : illustrated by diagrams and models of the geological restorations at the Crystal Palace / B. Waterhouse Hawkins -- On natural history, as knowledge, discipline, and power / Thomas Henry Huxley -- On Prof. Huxley's attempted refutation of Cuvier's laws of correlation, in the reconstruction of extinct vertebrate forms / H. Falconer -- On the method of palaeontology / Thomas H. Huxley -- Notices of remains of extinct reptiles and fishes, discovered by Dr. F.V. Hayden in the Bad Lands of the Judith River, Nebraska Territory / Joseph Leidy -- Remarks concerning Hadrosaurus / William Parker Foulke and Joseph Leidy -- An excerpt from Memoir on the Tertiary deposits of Ariège, exposed along a transverse section drawn between Fossat and Aillères, passing by Mas-d'Azil, and projected on the meridian of this site / Abbé Pouech -- Notes on the fossils collected by Mr. Pouech in the Tertiary formation of the Department of Ariège / Mr. d'Archiac -- An excerpt from Tortoises and saurians from lithographic limestone : V. Compsognathus longipes Wagn. / Andreas Wagner -- On the Archeopteryx of von Meyer, with a description of the fossil remains of a long-tailed species, from the lithographic stone of Solenhofen / Richard Owen -- An excerpt from Cretaceous reptiles of the United States : Hadrosaurus foulkii / Joseph Leidy -- On the discovery of the remains of a gigantic dinosaur in the Cretaceous of New Jersey / Edward Drinker Cope -- The fossil reptiles of New Jersey / E.D. Cope -- On a new large Enaliosaur / Edward Drinker Cope --
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