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State transportation maps
Geological Survey (U.S.)
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Physical Description:
82 maps 55 x 43 or 43 x 55 cm
General Note:
Prepared for Office of Policy and Program Development, Federal Railroad Administration.

Includes two separate versions of transportation maps for each state, the Transportation zone edition and the State edition. Transportation zone edition includes zones which overlap into surrounding states.

Complements United States transportation zone maps which were distributed as a loose-leaf volume of maps by Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Policy and Program Development in Oct. 1975 (Contract DOT-FR-40012)

Because of variances in scale, two or more states are combined in some instances on one map, while other states are split in two, resulting in a total of 41 maps in each edition.
[1] Alabama.--[2] Arizona and New Mexico.--[3] Arkansas.--[4] California (North).--[5] California (South).--[6] Colorado.--[7] Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.--[8] Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.--[9] Florida.--[10] Georgia.--[11] Idaho.--[12] Illinois.--[13] Indiana.--[14] Iowa.--[15] Kansas.--[16] Kentucky and Tennessee.--[17] Louisiana.--[18] Maine.--[19] Michigan.--[20] Minnesota.--[21] Mississippi.--[22] Missouri.--[23] Montana.--[24] Nebraska.--[25] Nevada.--[26] New Hampshire and Vermont.--[27] New Jersey.--[28] New York.--[29] North Carolina and South Carolina.--[30] North Dakota and South Dakota.--[31] Ohio.--[32] Oklahoma.--[33] Oregon.--[34] Pennsylvania.--[35] Texas (North).--[36] Texas (South).--[37] Utah.--[38] Washington.--[39] West Virginia.--[40] Wisconsin.--[41] Wyoming.