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Rising up and rising down
Vollmann, William T.
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San Francisco, CA : McSweeney's Books, [2003]

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7 volumes : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
vol. 1. Three meditations on death ; Introduction: the days of the Niblungs ; pt. I. Categories and justifications. Definitions for lonely atoms. On the aesthetics of weapons ; On the morality of weapons ; Where do my rights end? ; Where do my rights begin? ; Where do your rights begin? ; Means and ends -- vol. 2. Justifications. In the judge's chair ; Justifications, Section one: Self-defense. Defense of honor ; Defense of class ; Defense of authority ; Defense of race and culture ; Defense of creed -- vol. 3. Justifications, Section one: Self-defense. Defense of war aims ; Defense of homeland ; Defense of ground ; Defense of the earth ; Defense of animals ; Defense of gender ; Defense against traitors ; Defense of the revolution -- vol. 4. Justifications, Section two: Policy and choice. From raison d'etat to reasons of spleen ; Deterrence, retribution and revenge ; Punishment ; Loyalty, compulsion and fear ; Sadism and expediency ; Sadism, masochism and pleasure ; Justifications, Section three: Fate. Moral yellowness ; Inevitability ; Evaluations. Four safeguards ; Remeber the victim! -- vol. 5. pt. II. Studies in consequences (1991-2003). Southeast Asia (1991-2000). Introduction ; The skulls on the shelves (Cambodia) ; The last generation (Cambodian America) ; Kickin' it (Cambodian America) ; I'm especially interested in young girls (Thailand) ; But what do we do? (Burma) ; Yakuza lives (Japan) ; Europe (1992, 1994, 1998). Introduction ; Where are all the pretty girls? (Ex-Yugoslavia) ; The war never came here (ex-Yugoslavia) ; The avengers of Kosovo (Yugoslavia) ; Africa (1993, 2001). Introduction ; The jealous ones (Madagascar) ; Special tax (Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo) -- vol. 6. The Muslim world (1994, 1998, 2000, 2002). Introduction ; Let me know if you're scared (Somalia) ; The old man (Malaysia) ; The wet man is not afraid of rain (Iraq) ; With their hands on their hearts (Afghanistan) ; Everybody likes Americans (Yemen) ; North America (1988-2000). Introduction ; Laughing at all her enemies (USA) ; You gotta be a hundred percent right (USA) ; Whack 'em and stack 'em! (USA) ; Dey bring dem bloodstain up here (Jamaica) ; Murder for sale (USA) ; Guns in the USA ; South America (1999-2000). Introduction ; You never know who is who (Colombia) ; Papa's children (Colombia) ; Perception and irrationality. Introduction ; Nightmares, prayers, and ecstasies (USA) ; Off the grid (USA) ; Thick blood (Japan) -- vol. MC [7]. Rising up and rising down: annotated contents. Continua ; Moral and expedient calculi ; Chart, maps, and figures, Photographic portfolios ; The moral calculus ; Index ; Annexes. A. Phases of revolution ; B.A summary history of the Khmer Rouge to 1997 ; C.A brief chronology of Burma's insurgencies 1954-1996 ; D. Proposal for the termination of opium production in the Shan state (October 1953) ; E. Letter from the inmates of Studenski Dom in Sarajevo (September 1992) ; F. Ethnic relations in Yugoslavia during World War II ; G. Biljana Plavsic's version of how the Bosian War began (April 1994) ; H.A Bosian Muslim refugees' version of how the Bosian War began (September 1992) ; Sources cited ; Image credits ; Acknowledgements.
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