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Songs of the sea : the tales and tunes of sailors and sailing ships
Hugill, Stan, editor.
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New York : McGraw-Hill, [1977]

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1 score (198 pages) : illustrations ; 26 cm
"A history for sailors, for songsters, for anyone who is moved by the poetry of a tall ship under sail - moved to wonder. To wonder what life was really like for the men who sailed those lovely ships when the only way to trade across the seven seas was to be blown across, or blown to glory. The sailor's skills, dress, pay, superstitions, drink, food - and loves - are clearly described and pictured. Some 250 illustrations are integrated with the narrative and songs. Rare historical paintings, drawings and photographs of ships and ports, dives and waterfronts, deck scenes and sailors, with their Judies, Julias, and Madeleines"--Dust jacket.
General Note:
Unaccompanied sea songs.

Introductory material and historical information in English.
Historical introduction -- The age of sail and songs, 1818-1920s -- Outward and homeward bound. Spanish ladies ; Rio Grande ; Shenandoah ; We set out over the Atlantic ; Sacramento ; Paddy lay back ; O ye merry seamen ; Santiana ; Leaving of Liverpool ; Goodbye fare-ye-well ; Outward and homeward bound ; Goodbye Madras ; Rolling home ; Leave her, Johnny, leave her -- Sailors, their work, grouses and demise. Strike the bell ; Did you know old Father Lancelot? ; The three sailors of Groix ; Return of the sailor ; We must not grieve, we must not grouse ; Song of the helmsman ; Hauling song ; Ben backstay ; Where am I to go, me Johnnies? ; Get the boat in the water ; The sailor's grave ; Bold MacCarteney -- Ports, harlots, shanghaiing and pressgangs. Curac̦ao ; Liverpool judies ; The runners of Hamburg ; Hamburg, you lovely town ; A-rovin' ; Annie madam ; Maggie May ; What we'll do ; Can't ye dance the polka? ; Go to sea no more ; Ratcliffe Highway ; Jean Franc̦ois of Nantes ; Blow the man down ; Here's the tender comin' ; Flash gals of the town ; Singapor sang ; Paddy west -- Sailors' girls: faithful and faithless. Gangspilliedje ; The handsome cabin boy ; Once there was a crafty girl ; Cawsand Bay ; Passing through Paris ; Come to me on Saturday night ; Stormy winter's night ; Haul away, old fellow, away ; The iron man ; The cold, cold weather's blowin' in from sea ; The pretty maid climbs up the highest mountain ; Madeleine ; Sally Brown ; Rosabella Fredolin ; Julia ; My man he was a sailor ; Back of our house ; A sailor loves the ocean waves ; Ballast song ; When the lame one goes to market -- Whalers, fishermen, smugglers and pirates. A sailor toast ; All who want to Iceland go ; E Amòla ; Fisherman's song ; Rolling down to old Maui ; The female smuggler ; Dundee whalers ; Reuben Ranzo ; Bound for Valparaiso ; Strike the whale ; Eight bells ; Fish of the sea ; Störtebeker ; The fourteenth of February ; The thirty-first of August ; The great racer -- Danger and violence; ships (factual and otherwise). Barney Buntline ; Lively there, all hands on deck ; A little ship ; The ship in distress ; Rude boreas ; The ship Benadotte ; It happened in Gothenburg ; Blow, boys, blow ; The Hamburg four-master ; The Dreadnaught ; Bounty was a packet ship ; La Pique ; The Danaé ; The daughters of La Rochelle ; Clear the track ; The Flying Cloud ; The old brig ; The Ebenezer ; Albertina ; Magellan -- Sailors' food and drink. Sink it down, a tot each man ; Sailor's drinking song ; Drunken sailor ; Billy boy ; Last time I crossed the hill ; Here's your rum! ; The cook ; The limejuice ship ; The finest cook ; Whiskey Johnny -- Superstition, customs and pidgin. The Hoffnung ; The Flying Dutchman ; Married to a mermaid ; The dead horse ; Samoa song ; Kinakusten ; My father was a Dutchman ; Sampan girl.
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