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Living under enslavement African Americans on Hermitage Plantation
Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
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[Dearborn, Mich.] : Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village..
This interesting and informative Web site allows visitors to enter the home of an enslaved carpenter and explore how African Americans lived under enslavement, took care of their families, preserved their African traditions and found ways to resist their enslaved condition. The site uses images and objects from two restored brick houses in Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. The houses were originally built and lived in by enslaved workers at Henry McAlpin's Georgia plantation. As visitors do a virtual walk-through, they learn about slave life through QuickTime movies, audio clips, maps, stories, photographs ... even a recipe or two. Along the way visitors are asked stimulating questions and encouraged to observe, consider, and even compare to their own lives.
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Title from title screen (viewed June 6, 2001).
Introduction: Enslaved and free African Americans ; Certificate of freedom ; Map of free and enslaved Africans ; Official register of free persons of color ; Hermitage Plantation: Background information. Site plan of Hermitage Plantation. Plantation systems of work ; Enter the house -- Family life: Fireplace: Traditional recipes. Olaudah Equiano ; Toys and games: Child's play ; Bed -- Skilled work: Wooden bowls ; Baskets: Food preparation. Basketmaking ; Iron caldron: African-American craftsmen -- Resistance: Drinking gourd: "Follow the drinking gourd" ; Song: Lucy Delaney. Slave ship story. Henry Box Brown ; Shakerai ; Bible: Elizabeth Keckley ; Thomas Jones ; Frederick Douglass -- List of audios: Cooking in the fireplace ; Elizabeth Keckley-- literacy ; Frederick Douglass-- literacy ; Garden description ; Handmade dolls ; Handmade toys ; Henry Box Brown-- escape story ; Lucy Delaney-- escape story ; Lunceford Lane-- buying freedom ; Making furnishings ; Mending clothes by firelight ; Olaudah Equiano-- African agriculture ; Slave ship-- escape story ; Thomas Jones-- literacy ; Wooden bowls ; Text of audios -- List of movies: Cooking ; Loopty Lu ; Mary Mack ; Meaning of the drinking gourd ; Rope spring bed ; Shakerai ; Sleeping pallets.
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