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Model T road trip
Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
Visitors will have fun experiencing this Web site as they take a virtual Model T road trip across America during the summer of 1919. Using images, movie clips, journal entries and documents, visitors follow the adventures of a fictional family and in the process learn all kinds of information about the Model T, American life, and history. For teachers there are excellent lesson plans and/or classroom activities to use.
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Title from title screen (viewed May 30, 2001).
Jenny Brown's journal: A change of heart-- June 5, 1919 ; Exploring options-- June 12, 1919 ; At the Ford agency-- June 30, 1919: Charlie Billings & the Ford Agency. Helping the Browns select their car ; We own a car!-- July 3, 1919: Help Mr. Brown start the car ; Farm work with a car-- Summer, 1919 ; Planning our trip : August 1, 1919: Choose accessories for your Model T ; Philadelphia, here we come! : August 10, 1919 ; A stop to fuel up : August 10, 1919 ; On the road to Toledo : August 10, 1919 ; Veterans of the road : August 10, 1919 ; Calling it a day : August 10, 1919 -- Historical background information: 1910-1939 timeline ; Who are the Browns? ; Car owners: Car production in the U.S. Average annual. Salaries-farming vs. manufacturing. Hourly earnings of production workers ; What the neighbors had to say ; Used car ads ; Other ads ; The installment plan ; Road trip, 1919 ; Auto travel information ; Map of the Brown's route ; Rural dirt roads: Mileage of rural vs. city roads. Highway funds ; The Highland Park plant: African American workers at Ford. Assembly line and shipping. The five dollar day: Employee home conditions, Profit sharing, Requirements, Effects of profit sharing, newspaper article: "Ford Factory has a heart," Newspaper article: "Ford and some questions," Newspaper article: "Ford again staggers the world," Newspaper article: "Big employers favor and criticise Mr. Ford's ...." The Ford English School: Language and citizenship of Ford workers. Henry Ford. Mass production system. Why Detroit became the auto capital: Ethnic population-Detroit area, Southeast Michigan City and County population ; The mud ; Changing a tire ; Autocamping.
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