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English Civil War
English Civil War
Knox, E. L. Skip, Dr.
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Boise, Idaho : Boise State University, 1995.
As part of an online academic course on European history, this Web page focuses on the English Civil War. It is one of four sections in the study unit "Early Modern Europe" and is divided into 23 short chapters. Some of the issues discussed are the problems Charles I faced, the role religion played, Cromwell's participation and "reign" as Lord Protector, restoration, and the Glorious Revolution. The section Supplemental readings and resources recommends several books for further reading. For those wishing to study other units in this course, they can access these through handy links at the top of the Web page.
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Introduction -- Background to the conflict -- Charles I -- Religion and the Scottish Question -- The long Parliament -- Civil War -- War with the King -- Marston Moor -- The new model army -- Final victory -- The army takes over -- Radical high tide -- The adventures of Charles I -- Execution of the king -- Oliver Cromwell -- Rumblings -- Foreign affairs -- Parliament and Cromwell -- The protectorate -- The protectorate, continued -- The restoration -- Settlement -- Final resolution -- Supplemental readings and resources.
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