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Engineering and contracting.
Engineering and contracting.
Physical Description:
51 volumes : illustrations diagrams ; 22-32 cm
General Note:
From July 1916-Sept. 1922 successive issues for each month were devoted to specific subjects: Roads and streets; Waterworks and hydraulics; Excavation and railways; etc., with continuous paging throughout the volume.

From Oct. 1922-Dec. 1925 (v.58-64) consists of four rotating monthly issues as follows, each section having separate paging: Roads and streets; Water works; Railways (replaced in Apr. 1925 by General contracting); Buildings, with the addition of a quarterly issue from May 1923-Dec. 1925, entitled: May 1923 New equipment; Aug. 1923-Dec. 1925, Equipment review.

From Jan.-June 1926 (v.65) Roads and streets, Water works, General contracting and Buildings were issued in enlarged form as rotating monthly magazines.

In July 1926 General contracting and Buildings were consolidated as a monthly publication under the old title: Engineering and contracting (v.65-71); Roads and streets and Water works were continued as separate monthly magazines.

Edited by H. P. Gillette.
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