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Contemporary capitalism : the embeddedness of institutions
Contemporary capitalism : the embeddedness of institutions
Hollingsworth, J. Rogers (Joseph Rogers), 1932-
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Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, [1997]

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xvi, 493 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Coordination of economic actors and social systems of production / Variety of institutional arrangements and their complementarity in modern economies / Variety and unequal performance of really existing markets : farewell to doctor Pangloss? / Typology of interorganizational relationships and networks / Associational governance in a globalizing era : weathering the storm / Constitutional orders : trust building and response to change / How and why do social systems of production change? / Beneficial constraints : on the economic limits of rational voluntarism / Flexible specialization : theory and evidence in the analysis of industrial change / Globalization, variety, and mass production : the metamorphosis of mass production in the new competitive age

Continuities and changes in social systems of production : the cases of Japan, Germany, and the United States / Levels of spatial coordination and the embeddedness of institutions / Perspectives on globalization and economic coordination / Globalization in question : international economic relations and forms of public governance / Clubs are trump : the formation of international regimes in the absence of a hegemon / Emerging Europolity and its impact upon national systems of production / From national embeddedness to spatial and institutional nestedness
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