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The Progress of the century
Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913.
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New York ; London : Harper & Brothers, 1901.
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iii, 1 unnumbered page, 582 pages, 1 unnumbered page ; 21 cm
Evolution, by A. R. Wallace.--Chemistry, by W. Ramsay.--Archaeology, by W. M. Flinders-Petrie.--Astronomy, by Sir J. N. Lockyer.--Philosophy, by E. Caird.--Medicine, by W. Osler.--Surgery, by W. W. Keen.--Electricity, by E. Thomson.--Physics, by T. C. Mendenhall.--War, by Sir C. W. Dilke.--Naval ships, by A. T. Mahan.--Literature, by A. Lang.--Engineering, by T. C. Clarke.--Religion: Catholicism, by Cardinal J. Gibbons. Protestantism, by A. V. G. Allen. The Jews and Judaism, by R. J. H. Gottheil. Free-thought, by G. Smith.
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