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Vision and artifact
Vision and artifact
Henle, Mary, 1913-2007.
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New York : Springer Pub. Co., [1976]

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xviii, 186 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Visual perception: Held, R. Single vision with doubled images. Metelli, F. What does "more transparent" mean? Kanizsa, G. and Gerbino, W. Convexity and symmetry in figure-ground organization. Kennedy, J. M. Attention, brightness, and the constructive eye. Jameson, D. and Hurvich, L. M. From contrast to assimilation. Wallach, H. The apparent rotation of pictorial scenes. Gibson, J. J., et al. The change from visible to invisible.--Visual thinking: Schaefer-Simmern, H. Basic structures in the earliest beginnings of artistic activity. Nash, E. Hidden visual patterns in Roman architecture and ruins. Gardner, H. Illuminating comparisons in the arts.--Artifact : Sekler, E. F. Le Corbusier's use of a "pictorial word" in his tapestry La femme et le moineau. Teuber, M. L. Blue night by Paul Klee. Zucker, W. M. The representation of the invisible. Hess, W. Formal analysis of a painting by Jan Vermeer. Ashton, D. Art and social change.
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