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The Atomic bomb : the critical issues
The Atomic bomb : the critical issues
Bernstein, Barton J.
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Boston : Little, Brown, [1976]

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xix, 169 pages ; 23 cm.
The official explanation: statement and challenge: Stimson, H. L. The decision to use the atomic bomb.--We were anxious to get the war over: an interview with James F. Byrnes.--The interim committee discusses the bomb: minutes of May 31, 1945.--Scientists petition the government: the Franck Committee report.--Grew, J. The war could have been ended without the bomb.--Was the bomb necessary?: Baldwin, H. W. The atomic bomb, the penalty of expediency.--Morison, S. E. Why Japan surrendered.--United States Strategic Bombing Survey. Japan's struggle to end the war.--Why was the bomb used?: Feis, H. The atomic bomb and the end of World War II.--Alperovitz, G. Atomic diplomacy.--Kolko, G. The politics of war: the war with Japan.--Bernstein, B. J. The atomic bomb and American foreign policy: the route to Hiroshima.--Atomic diplomacy and the moral significance of Hiroshima: Ulam, A. Re-reading the cold war: revising the revisionists.--Rose, L. The atomic dilemma and atomic diplomacy.--Bernstein, B. J. Atomic diplomacy and the cold war.--Herken, G. F. Atomic diplomacy reversed and revised.--Macdonald, D. The bomb: the decline to barbarism.
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