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Report of the survey of the schools of Chicago, Illinois.
Columbia University. Teachers College. Institute of Educational Research. Division of Field Studies.
Publication Information:
New York City : Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1932.
Physical Description:
5 volumes ; 23 cm.
v.1. The administration of the schools by the director of the survey; The business management of the schools, by F. Engelhardt; Financing the schools, by J. K. Norton; The educational personnel of the schools, by L. Dix; The social services of the public schools, by N. H. Hegel.--v.2. Fitting the school to the pupil, by P. R. Mort, W. W. Wright, and W. B. Featherstone; Secondary education in Chicago, by M. H. Stewart and D. H. Eikenberry; Higher education in the public school system, by E. S. Evenden and F. B. O'Rear.--v.3. The curricula of the schools, by J. H. Newton, H. B. Bruner, L. T. Hopkins, P. R. Hanna, and L. Dix; Teaching and supervision in the elementary schools, by J. R. McGaughy, E. H. Reeder, and J. Betzner; Health and physical education, by J. F. Williams, and F. W. Maroney; Vocational education, by L. A. Wilson.--v.4. Housing of the schools, by F. W. Hart, and N. L. Engelhardt; The operation of the school plant, by G. F. Womrath.--v.5. Summary of findings and recommendations, by G. D. Strayer.
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