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A history of Columbia university, 1754-1904
A history of Columbia university, 1754-1904
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New York : The Columbia university press, The Macmillan company, agents; London : Macmillan & co., ltd., 1904.
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xiii, 493 pages : frontispiece, illustrations, plates, portraits ; 23 cm
book 1. King's college and Columbia college, by J. H. Van Amringe.--book 2. The university and the non-professional graduate schools, by M. Smith.--book 3. The professional schools. I. The school of medicine (College of physicians and surgeons) by F. S. Lee. II. The school of law, by F. M. Burdick. III. The school of mines and associated schools, by H. S. Munroe. IV. The school of architecture, by A. D. F. Hamlin.--book 4. The affiliated colleges: I. Barnard college, by W. P. Trent. II. Teacher's college, by F. T. Baker. III. The college of pharmacy by H. H. Rusby.--book 5. The library, by J. H. Canfield.--Appendix.
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