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Heritage of the march, v. 43
U.S. Naval Academy Band, Annapolis, Md.
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1 disc. ; 33 1/3 rpm. stereophonic : 12 in.
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Wagner, J.F. Spazzacamino, op. 358.--Vienna picnic.--Our imperial dynasty.--Vienna folkmusic.--Greetings from the Danube, op. 241.--Tirolean woodchopper.--Sonnenberg, op. 385.--The girls of Carinthia.--Viennese citizens.--Kaiserlich und Koeniglich, op. 273.--Scouton, W. The queen of society.--The dawn of peace.--The conciliator.--Love of liberty.--Buffalo no. 23 B. P. O. Elks.
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Music LP