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The government of the city of New York...
Academy of Political Science (U.S.)
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New York : The New York state constitutional convention commission, 1915.
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i, iv, 260 pages : diagram ; 25 cm
The office of mayor, by J.P. Mitchel.--Public health and sanitation, by S.S. Goldwater.--Police administration, by A. Woods.--Fire administration, by R. Adamson.--Charities and correction, by Katharine B. Davis and J.A. Kingsbury.--Education, by T.W. Churchill.--Parks and recreation, by C. Ward and C.W. Crampton.--Financial administration, budget and tax rate, by W.A. Prendergast.--The register of New York County, by J.J Hopper.--Highways, street cleaning and public works, by D. Mathewson.--The administrative organization of the courts, by W. McAdoo.--The city charter, by G. McAneny.--Transportation, port and terminal facilities, by J.P. Mitchel.--Proceedings of the conferences.
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