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The dramatic works of Gerhart Hauptmann
Hauptmann, Gerhart, 1862-1946.
Authorized edition.
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volumes ; 20 cm
General Note:
Reprint of the edition published by B. W. Huebsch, New York.

Imprint varies: v.6, New York, B. W. Huebsch, 1915.

With reproduction of author's autograph on half-title page.
v.l. Social dramas: Before dawn. The weavers. The beaver coat. The conflagration.--v.2. Social dramas: Drayman Henschel. Rose Bernd. The rats.--v.3. Domestic dramas: The reconciliation. Lonely lives. Colleague Crampton. Michael Kramer.--v.4. Symbolic and legendary dramas: The assumption of Hannele. The sunken bell. Henry of Auë.--v.5. Symbolic and legendary dramas: Schluck and Jau. And Pippa dances. Charlemagne's hostage.--v.6. Later dramas in prose: The maidens of the mount. Grieselda. Gabriel Schilling's flight.--v.7. Miscellaneous dramas: Commemoration masque. The bow of Odysseus. Elga. Fragments: Helios. Pastoral.--v.8. Poetic dramas: Indipohdi. White saviour. Winter ballad.--v.9. Historic and legendary dramas: Florian Geyer. Veland.
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