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The German theatre
Thompson, Benjamin, 1776?-1816., translator.
Publication Information:
London : Vernor and Hood, 1801.
Physical Description:
6 volumes : illustrations ; 21 cm
General Note:
"Biographical account" and each play have special t.-p. and separate paging.
I. Biographical account of Baron Augustus von Kotzebüe. The stranger; Rolla, or The virgin of the sun; Pizarro, or The death of Rolla. By A. von Kotzebue.--II. Lovers' vows, or The natural son; Adelaide of Wulfingen; Count Benyowsky, or The conspiracy of Kamtschatka. By A von Kotzebue.--III. Deaf and dumb, or The orphan; The Indian exiles; False delicacy; The happy family. By A. von Kotzebue.--IV. Otto of Wittelsbach, or The choleric count; Dagobert, king of the Franks. By J. M. Babo. Conscience, by A. W. Iffland.--V. The robbers; Don Carlos. By F. Schiller.--VI. The ensign, by F. L. Schroeder. Count Koenigsmark, by C. von Reitzenstein. Stella, by J. W. von Göthe. Emilia Galotti, by G. E. Lessing.
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