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The works of M. de Voltaire.
Voltaire, 1694-1778.
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35 volumes : illustrations, map, portraits ; 17 cm (twelvemo)
General Note:
Author statement in v.2-11, 16-17, 19-24, 26, 28-31, 34-35: By T. Smollet, M.D. T. Francklin, M.A. and others.

Neither Smollett nor Francklin "appears to have taken any active part in the translation"--BM.

Vol.16-17, 19-23, 26, 28-31, 34-35 have half-title: The works of Voltaire. Vol. XVI.[-XXXV.] being vol. XII.[-XXV.] of his prose works.

Vol.12-15, 18, 25, 27 have title "The dramatic works of Mr. de Voltaire. Translated by the Rev. Mr. Francklin. Vol. I[-VII]" and half-title "The works of Voltaire. Vol. XII[-XV, XVIII, XXV, XXVII] being vol. I[-VII] of his dramatic works."

Volumes numbered irregularly, although intended to "be bound up in two different sets; one of which may properly be called his prose works, and the other his dramatic and poetical works"--Advertisement at end of v.10.
V. 3-4. Ancient and modern history -- v. 7. The age of Lewis XIV -- v. 8-9. Modern history continued -- v. 10. Observations on history -- v. 11. History of Charles XII -- v. 12. Oedipus. Mariamne. Brutus -- v. 13. Semiramis. Death of Caesar. Amelia; or, The duke of Foix -- v. 14. Orestes. The prodigal -- v. 15. Merope. Nanine. The babbler -- v. 16-17. Miscellanies in history, literature and philosophy -- v. 18. Zara. The prude. Pandora -- v. 19. History of the war of 1741 -- v. 20-23. Annals of the Empire -- v. 24. The Henriade --v. 25. Mahomet. Socrates. Alzira -- v. 26. Philosophical miscellanies -- v. 27. Catiline. The coffee-house; or, The Scotch woman. The orphan of China -- v. 28-29. History of the Russian Empire under Peter the Great -- v. 30-31. Additions to the essay on general history -- v. 34. Treatise on toleration -- v. 35. Tales of William Vadé.
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