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Politics of the New Left.
Stolz, Matthew F., compiler.
Publication Information:
Beverly Hills, Calif. : Glencoe Press [1971]
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xiii, 190 pages ; 21 cm.
Introduction.--Ideology: democracy and political action. The structure of power in American society, by C. W. Mills. Trapped in a system, by C. Oglesby. On the uses of participatory democracy, by R. Flacks. Marxism and the New Left, by H. Zinn.--Forms of action: general discussion. The meaning of creative disorder, by A. Waskow.--Forms of action: normal politics. Anti-Vietnam politics, by A. Kopkind. An open letter to McCarthy supporters, by C. Oglesby.--Extraordinary politics. The politics of protest. Reflections on protest, by K. E. Boulding. The students' march on Washington. Moratorium, by J. Brecher. Facing up to repression, by R. Davis. Organizing the powerless: with the poor and on the campus. The radical potential of the poor, by T. Gitlin. An end to history, by M. Savio. From resistance to liberation. Free Berkeley, by F. Bardacke and T. Hayden. A time to say No, by M. Ferber. Who rules Columbia, by NACLA.--Cambodia, Kent State and beyond. The national petition campaign, by E. and E. Genovese. How we spent our spring vacation, by L. Winner and G. Marcus.
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