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20 non-royalty one-act popular classics
Mayorga, Margaret (Margaret Gardner), editor, editor.
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New York : Greenberg [1946]
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vi, 458 pages ; 21 cm
Ezekielos. The exodus from Egypt.--Sachs, Hans. The wandering scholar.--Ancient Chinese: The dragon.--Medieval: Gammer Gurton's needle.--Calderoń, George. The great theatre of the world.--Molier̀e. The affected young ladies.--Barnett, Morris. The Yankee peddler; or, Old times in Virginia.--Merton, J.M. Box and Cox.--Howells, W.D. A likely story.--Schnitzler, Arthur. Countess Mizzie; or, The family reunion.--Chekhov, A. The boor.--Yeats, W.B. The land of heart's desire.--Maeterlinek, Maurice. A miracle of Saint Antony.--Kennedy, C.R. The terrible meek.--Dreiser, Theodore. The girl in the coffin.--Anderson, Sherwood. The triumph of the egg.--Green, Paul. An Abraham's bosom.--Anderson, Maxwell. The feast of ortodans.--Conkie, E.P. Afternoon storm.--Maclosh, Archibald. The states talking.
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