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Little theater classics
Eliot, Samuel A., Jr., 1893-1984, editor.
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Boston : Little, Brown, and company, 1918-
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volumes : frontispieces, plates. ; 20 cm
v. 1. Polyxena, from the "Hecuba" of Euripides. A Christmas miracle play: The pageant of the shearmen and tailors in the Coventry cycle of miracles. Doctor Faustus, by C. Marlowe. Ricardo and Viola, from "The coxcomb" of Beaumont and Fletcher. The scheming lieutenant, from the "St. Patrick's day" of R. B. Sheridan.--v. 2. Patelin, from "Maitre Pierre Pathelin", by G. Alécis. Abraham and Isaac, from the Book of Brome and the Chester cycle of miracles. The loathed lover, from "The Changeling" of Middleton and Rowley. Sganarelle, or, Imaginary horns, from Molière.
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