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Studies in honor of Albert H. Marckwardt.
Marckwardt, Albert H. (Albert Henry), 1903-1975.
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Washington : Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages [1972]

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vi, 166 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Moulton, W. G. A biography and bibliography of Albert H. Marckwardt.--Allen, V. F. Some TESOL perspectives on the teaching of reading.--Anthony, E. M. Zeugma and a theory of lexicon.--Barrett, R. P. The presentation of low-frequency patterns to the advanced ESOL student.--Campbell, R. N. Teacher training programs.--Cassidy, F. G. Toward more objective labeling in dictionaries.--Green, E. Adult knowledge of English as a second language.--Jones, M. E. Toward a generative model of bilingual competence.--Kreidler, C. W. English orthography.--Lado, R. Creativity in/and language.--Nasr, R. T. English teaching in the Middle East and North Africa.--Ney, J. W. Aspects of the theory of Chomsky.--Ota, A. Tense correlations in English and Japanese.--Reed, D. W. Toward A diasystem of English phonology.--Robinett, B. W. On the horns of a dilemma.--Shen, Y. Three phonostylistic features of Browning's end-rhymes.
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