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Essays and studies in English and comparative literature
University of Michigan. Department of English Language and Literature.
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Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 1935.
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328 pages : III foldedmaps(in pocket) ; 24cm.
Middle English dialect characteristics and dialect boundaries: preliminary report of an investigation based exclusively on localized texts and documents, by Samuel Moore, S.B.Meech, and Harold Whitehall. Localized literary texts (p.51-56)- Some fifteenth-century spellings from the Nottingham records, by Harold Whitehall.- Scaitcliffe; a place-name derivation, by Harold Whitehall.- An early treatise in English concerning Latin grammar, by S.B.Meech.- Indogermanic-Nahuatl, by N.L.Willey.- Origin and extension of the voiceless preterit and the past participle inflections of the English irregular weak verb conjugation, by A.H.Marckwardt. Bibliography (p.316-328)
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