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Narratives of early Virginia, 1606-1625
Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, 1853-1935 editor.
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xii, 478 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
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Series title also at head of t.p.
Observations by Master George Percy, 1607.--A true relation, by Captain John Smith, 1608.--Description of Virginia and proceedings of the colonie.--The relation of the Lord De-La-Ware, 1611.--Letter of Don Diego de Molina, 1613.--Letter of Father Pierre Biard, 1614.--Letter of John Rolfe, 1614.--Proceedings of the Virginia Assembly, 1619.--Letter of John Pory, 1619.--Generall historie of Virginia by Captain John Smith, 1624; the fourth booke.--The Virginia planters' answer to Captain Butler, 1623.--The tragical relation of the Virginia Assembly, 1624.--The discourse of the old company 1625.
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