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Athenian studies presented to William Scott Ferguson ...
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Cambridge : Harvard university press; London : H. Milford, Oxford university press, 1940.
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4 preliminary leaves, 535 pages : frontispiece, illustrations, plates, diagrams ; 22 cm.
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"The editors are the former students of Professor Ferguson ... Their own essays appear in the regular volume LI (1940) of Harvard studies in classical philology."--Foreword.
Blegen, C. W. Athens and the early age of Greece.--Mylonas, G. E. Athens and Minoan Crete.--Daux, Georges. Athènes et Delphes.--McGregor, M. F. The pro-Persian party at Athens from 510 to 480 B.C.--Peek, Werner. Die kämpfe am Eurymedon.--Wade-Gery, H. T. The peace of Kallias.--Dinsmoor, W. B. The tribal cycles of the treasurers of Athena.--Thompson, H. A. A golden Nike from the Athenian Agora.--Gomme, A. W. The old oligarch.--Meritt, B. D. Athens and Carthage.--Finley, J. H., jr. The unity of Thucydides' history.--Bonner, R. J. The use of hemlock for capital punishment.--Bloch, Herbert. Studies in historical literature of the fourth century B. C.--Woodward, A. M. Two Attic treasure-records.--Jaeger, Warner. The date of Isocrates' Areopagiticus and the Athenian opposition.--Westermann, W. L. Athenseus and the slaves of Athens.--Flacelière, R. Les rapports d'Athenes et de l'Aitolie au IIIe siècle avant J.-C.--Tarn, W. W. Phthir-Chryseas.--Kirchner, Johannes Archon Diomedon.--Robert, Louis. --Oliver, J. H. Julia Domma as Athena Polias.--Index locorum.
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