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Social security, medicare and pensions
Matthews, J. L., 1946-
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Fourth edition.
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Berkeley, CA : Nolo Press, 1988.
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1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations ; 28 cm.
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First and second editions appeared under title: Sourcebook for older Americans.

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Includes index.
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An essential tool for everyone over 55, this book shows readers how to cut through the bureaucracy to get their slab of the pie. It explains: * Social Security retirement & disability benefits * Supplemental Security Income * Civil Service retirement benefits * Medicare, Medicaid & Medi-gap health insurance * veterans benefits The book includes practical information on how to get the most out of available benefits; examples & charts show what to expect at what age. Completely updated, the seventh edition explains how to make the best choices in the Medicare-HMO-Managed Care game, since Medicare recipients in particular now have a mind-boggling array of choices when coordinating their care. The book also includes new rates for Social Security benefits, Medicare premiums & more.

Author Notes

Attorney Joseph L. Matthews has written several books, such as "Social Security, Medicare and Pensions: Get the Most Out of Your Retirement and Medical Benefits" and "How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim," which tell readers how to protect their rights, deal with bureaucracy and minimize legal fees. He has also written a collection of humorous legal stories called "The Lawyer Who Blew Up His Desk."

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Table of Contents

1 Social Security: The Basics
A. History of Social Securityp. 2
B. Social Security Definedp. 4
C. Eligibility for Benefitsp. 5
D. Earning Work Creditsp. 10
E. Determining Your Benefit Amountp. 12
F. Your Social Security Recordp. 13
2 Social Security Retirement Benefits
A. Work Credits Requiredp. 2
B. Timing Your Retirementp. 4
C. The Amount of Your Retirement Checkp. 7
D. Working After Claiming Retirement Benefitsp. 9
3 Social Security Disability Benefits
A. Who Is Eligiblep. 2
B. What Is a Disabilityp. 5
C. Amount of Disability Benefit Paymentsp. 10
D. Collecting Additional Benefitsp. 12
E. Review of Your Eligibilityp. 14
F. Returning to Workp. 15
4 Social Security Dependents Benefits
A. Who Is Eligiblep. 2
B. Calculating Dependents Benefitsp. 4
C. Eligibility for More Than One Benefitp. 5
D. Working While Receiving Benefitsp. 6
E. Public Employee Pension Offsetp. 6
5 Social Security Survivors Benefits
A. Who Is Eligiblep. 2
B. Requirements for Deceased's Work Recordp. 3
C. Amount of Survivors Benefitsp. 5
D. Eligibility for More Than One Benefitp. 7
E. Working While Receiving Benefitsp. 8
F. Offset for Public Employment Pensionp. 8
6 Supplemental Security Income
A. Who Is Eligiblep. 2
B. Benefit Amountsp. 6
C. Reductions to Benefitsp. 8
7 Applying for Benefits
A. Retirement, Dependents and Survivors Benefitsp. 2
B. Disability Benefitsp. 7
C. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)p. 11
D. Finding Out What Happens to Your Claimp. 12
8 Appealing Social Security Decisions
A. Reconsideration of Decisionp. 2
B. Administrative Hearingp. 8
C. Appeal to the National Appeals Councilp. 13
D. Lawsuit in Federal Courtp. 16
E. Lawyers and Other Assistancep. 16
9 Medicare
A. Medicare: The Basicsp. 2
B. Part A Hospital Insurancep. 4
C. How Much Medicare Part A Paysp. 14
D. Part B Medical Insurancep. 18
E. How Much Medicare Part B Paysp. 26
10 Medicare Procedures: Enrollment, Claims and Appeals
A. Enrolling in Part A Hospital Insurancep. 2
B. Enrolling in Part B Medical Insurancep. 5
C. Medicare's Payment of Your Medical Billsp. 6
D. Paying Your Share of the Billp. 10
E. How to Read an Explanation of Medicare Benefits Noticep. 11
F. Appealing the Denial of a Claimp. 18
G. Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Officesp. 32
H. Medicare Part B Carriersp. 33
11 Medigap Insurance and Managed Care Health Plans
A. Gaps in Medicarep. 3
B. Standard Medigap Benefit Plansp. 4
C. Terms and Conditions of Medigap Policiesp. 10
D. HMOs and Managed Care Health Plansp. 14
E. Finding the Best Medicare Supplementp. 18
12 Medicaid and State Supplements to Medicare
A. Medicaid Definedp. 2
B. Who Is Eligiblep. 3
C. Medical Costs Covered by Medicaidp. 6
D. Requirements for Coveragep. 8
E. Cost of Medicaid Coveragep. 9
F. Other State Assistancep. 11
G. Applying for Medicaid, QMB or SLMBp. 12
H. What to Do if You Are Denied Coveragep. 14
13 Federal Civil Service Retirement Benefits
A. Two Retirement Systems: CSRS and FERSp. 3
B. Retirement Benefitsp. 3
C. Disability Benefits to Federal Workersp. 13
D. Payments to Surviving Family Membersp. 16
E. Applying for CSRS or FERS Benefitsp. 18
14 Veterans Benefits
A. Types of Military Service Requiredp. 2
B. Compensation for Service-Connected Disabilityp. 3
C. Pension Benefits for Financially Needy Veteransp. 5
D. Survivors Benefitsp. 5
E. Medical Treatmentp. 7
F. Getting Information and Applying for Benefitsp. 8
15 Private Pensions and 401(k) Plans
A. Types of Pension Plansp. 3
B. Accumulation of Pension Creditsp. 7
C. Vesting of Pension Benefitsp. 8
D. How Pension Benefits Are Paidp. 12
E. Getting Additional Informationp. 15
F. Procedure for Claiming Your Pensionp. 16
G. Protecting Your Pension Rightsp. 16
H. 401(k) Deferred Compensation Plansp. 18
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