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A History of our time : readings on postwar America
Chafe, William H., 1942-
Second edition.
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New York : Oxford University Press, 1987.
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xiii, 453 pages ; 21 cm
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This comprehensive, widely-used anthology offers a dynamic assessment of the major issues in post-World War II American history. In this second edition, the editors include contemporary articles on the Cold War and the 1960s and present new discussions of the counterculture, the New Right, conservatism under the Reagan administration, the new poverty, and the politics of the 1950s and 1960s.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Cold War Abroad and At Home
Truman's Cold War PoliciesThomas G. Paterson
The Need to Contain Soviet ExpansionGeorge F. Keenan
Are We Only Paying Lip Service to Peace?Henry A. Wallace
American Firmness vs. Soviet Aggressionlark Clifford
The Truman DoctrineNSC-68: A Report to the National Security Council HUAC Investigates HollywoodHarry S. Truman
The Internal Communist MenaceEllen Schrecker: The Age of "McCarthyism"Joseph R. McCarthy
Part 2 The Politics of the Affluent Society
The Ideology of the Liberal ConsensusGodfrey Hodgson
A Revisionist View of the Ike AgeStephen E. Ambrose
Reevaluating JFK's PresidencyLance Morrow
Losing Ground: Discredited LiberalismCharles Murray
Part 3 Civil Rights
So Much History, So Much Future Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Second Coming of AmericaVincent Harding
Letter from a Birmingham JailMartin Luther King, Jr.
Message to the Grass RootsMalcolm X
From Protest to PoliticsBayard Rustin
Part 4 Feminism
Women's Consciousness and the Southern Black MovementSara Evans
Black Women: Shaping Feminist TheoryBell Hooks
Women Against FeminismRebecca Klatch
Roe v. Wade, 1973, JusticeHarry A. Blackmun
The Emergence of Gay LiberationEstelle Freedman and John D'Emilio
Part 5 Vietnam and the Years of Polarization
Vietnam in Historical PerspectiveJohn Garry Clifford
Causes of the WarLeslie Gelb
One Morning in the WarStudents for a Democratic Society: The Port Huron StatementRichard Hammer
"Dump Johnson"William Chafe
Bill Clinton Draft LetterWilliam Jefferson Clinton
You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the WindKarin Ashley et al.
Up Against the Ivy WallBlowsJerry Avorn et al.
Rise and Fall of a CountercultureAllen J. Matusow
The Forgotten AmericanPeter Schrag
Part 6 Politics of the 1970s and 1980s
WatergateJonathan Schell
America's Crisis of ConfidenceJimmy Carter
"The Second American Revolution"Ronald W. Reagan
Reagan's America: A Capital OffenseKevin P. Phillips
Part 7 Where do we go from here?
As the World TurnsRobert B. Reich
The Urban Underclass in Advanced Industrial SocietyWilliams Julius Wilson
Article on Ward ConnerlyBarry Bearak
Great X-pectations
Suggestions for Further Reading