Cover image for Niels Bohr; his life and work as seen by his friends and colleagues.
Niels Bohr; his life and work as seen by his friends and colleagues.
Rozental, S. (Stefan), editor.
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Niels Bohr. English
[First English edition].
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Amsterdam : North-Holland Pub. Co.; New York : Wiley, 1967.
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355 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 23 cm
Childhood and youth.--The decisive years, 1911-1918, by L. Rosenfeld and E. Rüdinger.--Glimpses of Niels Bohr as scientist and thinker, by O. Klein.--Quantum theory and its interpretation, by W. Heisenberg.--Recollections from the years 1929-1931, by H. B. G. Casimir.--Niels Bohr in the thirties, by L. Rosenfeld.--The interest is focussing on the atomic nucleus, by O. R. Frisch.--The forties and the fifties, by S. Rozental.--The war years and the prospects raised by the atomic weapons, by A. Bohr.--Reminiscenses from the post-war years, by A. Pais.--Niels Bohr and his youngest disciples, by J. Kalckar.--Review of Niels Bohr's research work, by C. Møller and M. Phil.--Niels Bohr and international scientific collaboration, by V. F. Weisskopf.--Niels Bohr and the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, by J. Pedersen.--Niels Bohr and the Danish Atomic Energy Research Establishment, by V. Kampmann.--Niels Bohr and the Danish community, by M. Pihl.--Fifty years of friendship, by R. Courant.--The versatility of Niels Bohr, by P. A. M. Dirac.--Science and administration, by H. H. Koch.--Memories of Tisvilde, by W. Scharff.--An impression, by M. Andersen.--My father, by H. Bohr.--Open letter to the United Nations, by N. Bohr.
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