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Recent advances in economics : a book of readings
Fels, Rendigs, 1917-2010, compiler.
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Homewood, Ill. : Published for the American Economic Association by R. D. Irwin, 1974.
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xii, 346 pages ; 26 cm
Optimal control: a mathematical supertool.--Is the Phillips curve losing its allure?--Prell, M. J. The full employment budget.--Stewart, K. National income accounting and economic welfare.--Mishan, E. J. Growth and antigrowth.--Robinson, J. The second crisis of economic theory.--Tobin, J. Cambridge (U.K.) vs. Cambridge (Mass.)--Sweezy, P. Toward a critique of economics.--Bronfenbrenner, M. Radical economics in America.--Hymer, S. The Internationalization of capital.--d'Arge, R. C. Essay on economic growth and environmental quality.--Solow, R. M. The economics of resources or the resources of economics.--Mitchell, D. J. B. Union wage policies.--Furubotn, E. G. and Pejovich, S. Property rights and economic theory.--Friedman, M. The Euro-dollar market.--Boulding, K., Pfaff, M., and Horvath, J. Grants economics.--Ferber, R. Consumer economics.--Klein, L. R. Whither econometrics?--Weiss, L. W. Quantitative studies of industrial organization.--Johnson, L. L. Behavior of the firm under regulatory constraint.--Stern, R. M. Tariffs and other measures of trade control.--Moroney, J. R. The current state of money and production theory.--Andersen, L. C. The state of the monetarist debate.--Klein, L. R. and Brunner, K. Commentary on The state of the monetarist debate.
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