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Reincarnation in the twentieth century.
Ebon, Martin, compiler.
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New York : World Pub. Co., [1969]
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157 pages ; 22 cm
But can you prove it? By M. Ebon.--Lullaby from a previous life, by F. Portland.--The two Alexandrinas, by E. Brenner.--A Canadian soldier who "took the walls, " by A. Mackenzie.--Reincarnation in Burma, by L. Markham.--The return of a woman who died in childbirth, by J. S. Singer.--Rebirth of a salesman: an Edgar Cayce reading, by V. M. Shelly.--Thirty centuries later, by H. Curtis.--I will come back and be your son, by D. Harding.--Bridey Murphy revisited, by C. J. Ducasse.--From the files of Dr. Ian Stevenson, by H. McCarthy.--Judge Fraser's son was reborn, and so perhaps was I, by C. K. Shaw.--Now I am convinced, by I. Ammann.--Was he a surgeon in a previous life? By J. Krause.--The case of Joanne MacIver, by A. Spraggett.--Her favorite incarnation, by A. Vaughan.
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