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A treasury of nursery school favorites.
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1 disc. ; 33 1/3 rpm. stereophonic : 12 in.
Good morning to you.--Skip to my Lou.--Ring around the rosy.--Georgie Porgie.--Bobby Shaftoe.--Fiddle de dee.--Jack Spratt.--Ride a cock horse.--The bear went over the mountain.--A frog he would a wooing go.--Lucy Lockett.--Old Mother Goose.--Farmer in the dell.--Row, row, row your boat.--Hippity hop.--There was a little woman.--Billy boy.--Little robin redbreast.--The jolly miller.--This is the way ladies ride.--Taffy was a Welshman.--Uncle John is very sick.--A hunting we will go.--This old man.
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Music LP