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Organic chemistry
Solomons, T. W. Graham.
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Second edition.
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New York : Wiley, [1980]

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1131 pages in various pagings : illustrations ; 26 cm
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On the cover of this book is a Pacific yew tree, found in the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest. The bark of the Pacific yew tree produces Taxol, found to be a highly effective drug against ovarian and breast cancer. Taxol blocks mitosis during eukaryotic cell division. The supply of Taxol from the Pacific yew tree is vanishingly small, however. A single 100-year-old tree provides only about one dose of the drug (roughly 300 mg). For this reason, as well as the spectacular molecular architecture of Taxol, synthetic organic chemists fiercely undertook efforts to synthesize it. Five total syntheses of Taxol have thus far been reported. Now, a combination of isolation of a related metabolite from European yew needles, and synthesis of Taxol from that intermediate, supply the clinical demand. This case clearly demonstrates the importance of synthesis and the use of organic chemistry. It's just one of the many examples used in the text that will spark the interest of students and get them involved in the study of organic chemistry!

Table of Contents

1 Carbon Compounds and Chemical Bonds
2 Representative Carbon Compounds: Functional Groups, Infrared Spectroscopy, & Intermolecular Force
3 An Introduction to Organic Reactions: Acids and Bases
4 Alkanes: Nomenclature, Conformational Analysis, & An Intro to Synthesis
5 Stereochemistry: Chiral Molecules
6 Ionic Reactions - Nucleophilic Substitution & Elimination Reactions: Alkyl Halides
7 Alkenes & Alkynes: Properties & Synthesis, Elimination Reactions of Alkyl Halides
8 Alkenes & Alkynes II: Addition Reaction
9 Spectroscopic Methods of Structure Determination
10 Radical Reactions
11 Alcohols & Ethers
12 Alcohols from Carbonyl Compounds, Oxidation-Reduction & Organometallic Compounds
13 Conjugated Unsaturated Systems
14 Aromatic Compounds
15 Reactions of Aromatic Compounds
16 Aldehydes & Ketones I: Nucleophilic Additions to the Carbonyl Group
17 Aldehydes & Ketones II: Enolates & Enols
Aldol & Alkylation Reactions
18 Carboxylic Acids & Their Derivatives: Nucleophilic Substitution at the Acyl Carbon
19 Synthesis & Reactions of a-Dicarbonyl Compounds: More Chemistry of Enolate Ions
20 Amines
21 Phenols & Aryl Halides: Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution
22 Carbohydrates
23 Lipids
24 Amino Acids & Proteins
25 Nucleic Acids & Protein Synthesis