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Calligrammes : poems of peace and war (1913-1916)
Apollinaire, Guillaume, 1880-1918.
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Berkeley : University of California Press, [1980]

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xii, 513 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
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This fully annotated bilingual edition of Calligrammes makes available a key work not only in Apollinaire's own development but also in the evolution of modern French poetry. Apollinaire -- Roman by birth, Polish by name (Wilhelm-Apollinaris de Kostrowitski), Parisian by choice -- died at thirty-eight in 1918. Nevertheless, he became one of the leading figures in twentieth-century poetry, a transitional figure whose work at once echoes the Symbolists and anticipates the work of the Surrealists. Book jacket.

Author Notes

Guillaume Apollinaire is one of the most widely read and influential of modern French poets. He was born either in Rome, where he was baptized, or in Monaco, where he was educated at the Lycee Saint-Charles.

Quintessentially modern, his reputation rests principally on two volumes of poems-Alcools (1913) and Calligrammes (1918), which broke with the traditions of nineteenth-century poetry in both form and content. Apollinaire introduced free verse, eliminated punctuation, and even wrote poems in the form of pictures to express the dynamism of the new twentieth century.

Apollinaire wrote novels, short stories, and plays as well as poetry. He wrote The Cubist Painters (1913), which first defined the nature of cubism. In addition, he edited for the Bibliotheque des Curieux erotic books of repute and helped to catalogue the repository of forbidden books in the Bibliotheque Nationale. He became the friend of great cubists, including Picasso and Braque.

He died in the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918.

(Bowker Author Biography) Born on August 26, 1880 in Rome, Guillaume Apollinaire epitomizes the idea of the Bohemian life. His mother led a raucous life, running up gambling debts and forcing him to assume the identity of a Russian Prince to support her lifestyle. At that time, there was much speculation regarding his unknown father's identity.

Appolinaire socialized with many avant-garde artists, including Picasso and Braque, and strongly influenced many artistic styles including cubism, dadaism, and surrealism; the latter a term he invented in his play The Breasts of Tiresias. Appolinaire was imprisoned on suspicion of stealing the Mona Lisa in 1911. He served in the French Army from 1914 to 1916.

Guillaume's works include plays, poems, and short stories. The Poet Assasinated and The Wandering Jew and Other Stories are two of his more notable works. Calligrammes, published in 1918, is a collection of cubist poetry in which the poems are written in the shape of the objects that they describe, such as a car.

Guillaume Apollinaire's life was cut short by the Spanish influenza epidemic of the early twentieth century. He died in November 1918, at the age of 38.

(Bowker Author Biography)

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Ondes Wavesp. 21
Liens Chainsp. 22
Les Fenetres Windowsp. 26
Paysage Landscapep. 30
Les Collines The Hillsp. 32
Arbre Treep. 48
Lundi Rue Christine Monday in Christine Streetp. 52
Lettre-Ocean Ocean-Letterp. 58
Sur les Propheties On Propheciesp. 66
Le Musicien de Saint-Merry The Musician of Saint-Merryp. 70
La Cravate et la Montre The Tie and the Watchp. 78
Un Fantome de Nuees Phantom of Cloudsp. 80
Coeur Couronne et Miroir Heart Crown and Mirrorp. 88
Tour Turning Towerp. 90
Voyage Tripp. 92
A Travers l'Europe Across Europep. 96
Il Pleut It's Rainingp. 100
Etendards Bannersp. 103
La Petite Auto The Little Carp. 104
La Mandoline l'OEillet et le Bambou Mandolin Carnation and Bamboop. 112
Fumees Smokep. 114
A Nimes At Nimesp. 118
La Colombe Poignardee et le Jet d'Eau The Bleeding-Heart Dove and The Fountainp. 122
2[superscript e] Canonnier Conducteur 2d Gunnery Driverp. 124
Veille Night Watchp. 130
Ombre Shadowp. 134
C'est Lou Qu'on la Nommait They Called Her Loup. 138
Case d'Armons Flutchelp. 143
Loin du Pigeonnier Far From The Dovecotep. 144
Reconnaissance Reconnaissancep. 146
SP SPp. 148
Visee Aimp. 150
1915 1915p. 152
Carte Postale Postcardp. 154
Saillant Salientp. 156
Guerre Warp. 160
Mutation Mutationp. 164
Oracles Oraclesp. 166
14 Juin 1915 June 14, 1915p. 168
De la Batterie de Tir Battery of Heavy Gunsp. 170
Echelon Echelonp. 172
Vers le Sud Southwardp. 176
Les Soupirs du Servant de Dakar The Sighs of the Gunner from Dakarp. 178
Toujours Alwaysp. 184
Fete Festivalp. 188
Madeleine Madeleinep. 192
Les Saisons The Seasonsp. 194
Venu de Dieuze On Arrival from Dieuzep. 198
La Nuit d'Avril 1915 April Night 1915p. 202
Lueurs des Tirs Flash of Gunfirep. 207
La Grace Exilee Exiled Gracep. 208
La Boucle Retrouvee The Lock of Hair Foundp. 210
Refus de la Colombe Refusal of the Dovep. 212
Les Feux du Bivouac Campfiresp. 214
Les Grenadines Repentantes The Repentant Grenadinesp. 216
Tourbillon de Mouches Swirl of Fliesp. 218
L'Adieu du Cavalier The Cavalier's Farewellp. 220
Le Palais du Tonnerre Thunder's Palacep. 222
Photographie Snapshotp. 228
L'Inscription Anglaise The English Inscriptionp. 230
Dans l'Abri-Caverne In the Dugoutp. 234
Fusee Flarep. 238
Desir Desirep. 242
Chant de l'Horizon en Champagne Song of the Horizon in Champagnep. 246
Ocean de Terre Ocean of Earthp. 252
Obus Couleur de Lune Moon-Colored Shellsp. 255
Merveille de la Guerre Wonder of Warp. 256
Exercice Exercisep. 260
A l'Italie To Italyp. 262
La Traversee The Crossingp. 272
Il y a There Is There Arep. 274
L'Espionne The Spyp. 278
Le Chant d'Amour Love's Hymnp. 280
Aussi Bien que les Cigales As Well as the Cicadasp. 282
Simultaneites Simultaneitiesp. 284
Du Coton dans les Oreilles Cotton in your Earsp. 288
La Tete Etoilee The Starry Headp. 299
Le Depart The Departurep. 300
Le Vigneron Champenois The Vine Grower of Champagnep. 302
Carte Postale Postcardp. 306
Eventail des Saveurs Fan of Flavorsp. 308
Souvenirs Memoriesp. 310
L'Avenir The Futurep. 312
Un Oiseau Chante A Bird Is Singingp. 314
Chevaux de Frise Chevaux-de-Frisep. 318
Chant de l'Honneur Honor's Hymnp. 322
Chef de Section Platoon Commanderp. 330
Tristesse d'une Etoile Sorrow of a Starp. 332
La Victoire Victoryp. 334
La Jolie Rousse The Pretty Redheadp. 342
Commentaryp. 347
Select Bibliographyp. 509