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Fitness for life : an individualized approach
Allsen, Philip E.
Personal Author:
Second edition.
Publication Information:
Dubuque, Iowa : W. C. Brown Co., [1980]

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viii, 159 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Includes index.
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Fitness for Life provides more than just the facts about cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, weight control, nutrition and relaxation techniques--it provides students with the tools to apply what they've learned to their own lifestyle.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Fitness For Life
What Is Physical Fitness?
What Do You Know about Exercise?
Effects of a Healthy Life-Style Consensus Statement of Physical Activity, Health, and Well-Being Is Exercise Safe?
Principles of Training A Personalized Fitness Program Objectives for Fitness Self-Checks
2 Fitness Appraisal Basic Medical Prerequisites?
Cardiovascular Endurance Administering and Interpreting?
Cardiovascular Endurance Tests?
Cardiovascular Endurance Test Work Sheet?
Methods of Determining Recommended Body Weight?
Determining Recommended Body Weight?
Body Weight Work Sheet Measuring Strength?
Strength Appraisal Work Sheet Measuring?
Flexibility Measuring Stress and Tension?
Appraisal Work Sheet
3 Developing a Cardiovascular Endurance Program?
Effects of Training?
Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease?
Coronary Heart Disease Risk Appraisal-RISK?
Cardiovascular Endurance Activities?
Intensity, Duration, Frequency and Mode of Activity?
Recommended Exercise Heart Rate Caloric Expenditure?
Exercise Program Writing a Cardiovascular Endurance Program?
Endurance Program Work Sheet
4 Applying a Cardiovascular Endurance Program Tips to Make Exercise?
More Beneficial Commonly Asked?
Questions Applying a Cardiovascular Endurance Program?
Cardiovascular Endurance Program Contract?
Cardiovascular Endurance Progress Log
5 Developing a Nutrition and Weight-Control Program?
Calories Nutrients Nutrition and Health Food Guide?
Pyramid Nutritional Labels Other Uses of Nutritional Labels?
Evaluating Your Daily Diet Dietary?
Evaluation Work Sheet Nutritional?
Values of Common Foods Obesity?
Obesity and Disease Anorexia Nervosa Facts versus?
Fallacies Concerning Weight Control Set Point?
Theory of Weight Control Exercise and Weight?
Control Balancing a Diet Planning Ahead for Daily?
Menus Food Exchange Program Gaining Body Weight Writing a Weight-Control?
Program Weight-Control Work Sheet Vegetable Exchange?
List Breads and Starches Exchange?
List Meat Exchange?
List Milk Exchange?
List Fruit Exchange?
List Fat Exchange?
List Free?
List Food for Occasional?
Use Commercially Prepared Foods Fast-Food Exchanges
6 Applying a Weight-Control Program Commonly?
Asked Questions Putting a Weight-Control?
Program to Use Weight-Control?
Program Contract Weight-Control?
Program Progress Log Daily Caloric Food Plan Guides?
Guidelines for Following a Diet
7 Developing a Strength Training Program Health Benefits of Strength?
Training Common Terms for Strength Programs?
Overload Principle Strength Programs Systems of Training?
Machines versus Free Weights?
Writing a Strength Program Strength Program Work Sheet Weight-Training?
Exercises Timed Calisthenics?
8 Applying a Strength Training?
Program Safety Tips?
Commonly Asked Questions?
Applying a Strength Program Strength?
Program Contract Strength Program Progress Log
9 Developing a Flexibility Fitness?
Program Factors Affecting Flexibility?
Types of Stretching Guidelines for Stretching?
Writing a Flexibility Program?
Flexibilty Program Work Sheet?
Flexibility Exercises
10 Applying a Flexibility?
Fitness Program Commonly?
Asked Questions Your Back and How to Care For?
It Applying a Flexibility?
Program Flexibility Program?
Contract Flexibility?
Program Progress Log
11 Developing and Applying a Relaxation?
Program Stress Relaxation Techniques?
Meditation and Relaxation
12 Maintaining Health and Fitness for Life
A American College of Sports Medicine Position Statements
B Summary Statement Workshop on Physical Activity and Public Health
C Calorie Expenditure per Minute for Selected Exercises
D Program Work Sheets