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Sword and scalpel
Slaughter, Frank G. (Frank Gill), 1908-2001.
First large print edition.
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455 pages ; 23 cm.
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Complete and unabridged.
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Author Notes

The medical background of Frank Slaughter is evident in much of his work; he received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1930. He uses medical terminology to give his books authenticity. Slaughter began writing as a hobby---first short stories and then novels---and he has also written nonfiction. A fascination with biblical stories led him to write The Road to Bithynina (1951), a book about St. Luke, who was also a physician. Slaughter enjoys research and does many revisions of his manuscripts, and his hard work shows in the well-crafted books he produces. Having more than 60 million books in print testifies to Slaughter's long-lasting popularity in America and abroad.

(Bowker Author Biography) Frank G. Slaughter, 1908 - 2001 Novelist Frank G. Slaughter was a native of South Carolina, and earned his bachelor's degree from Trinity College (now known as Duke University) at the age of seventeen and attended Johns Hopkins medical school in Baltimore.

In 1935, while a physician at Riverside Hospital in Jacksonville, Slaughter began to write. His medical background is evident in most of his stories, as he published 62 books while still a praticing physician.

His books sold more than 60 million copies, starting with "That None Shall Die" in 1941, to "No Greater Love" published in 1985. Although Slaughter had not been in the best of health, he had been dictating his latest novel into a microscope in his last days. Some of his books also include "Plague Ship", "Surgeon U. S. A.", "The Mapmaker", and "The Scarlet Chord".

Slaughter died in his sleep while in his home in Jacksonville on May 17, 2001. He was 93.

(Bowker Author Biography)