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Television : the critical view
Newcomb, Horace.
Second edition.
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New York : Oxford University Press, 1979.
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xxii, 557 pages : graphs ; 21 cm
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Table of Contents

Horace NewcombMark AlveyAniko BodroghkozyMarsha Cassidy and Mimi WhiteSusan MurrayNathan GodfriedElana LevineCaroline-Isabelle CaronGreg SiegelYeidy M. RiveroAmanda D. LotzChristopher Castiglia and Christopher ReedJason MittellTrevor Parry-Giles and Shawn J. Parry-GilesJane ArthursSarah Banet-WeiserSheldon H. LuSilvio WaisbordJohn CornerJeffrey P. JonesDavid ThorburnRon LemboAnnette HillAntonio C. La PastinaJocelyn Cullity and Prakash YoungerKim BjarkmanHorace NewcombDeborah L. JaramilloJohn HartleyElizabeth JackaNicholas GarnhamLynn SpigelRoger Silverstone
Preface to the Seventh Editionp. xi
Preface to the First Editionp. xiii
"Television and the Present Climate of Criticism"p. 1
Part 1 Historyp. 11
"'Too Many Kids and Old Ladies': Quality Demographics and 1960s U.S. Television"p. 15
"Negotiating Civil Rights in Prime Time: A Production and Reception History of CBS's East Side/West Side"p. 37
"Innovating Women's Television in Local and National Networks: Ruth Lyons and Arlene Francis"p. 60
"Ethnic Masculinity and Early Television's Vaudeo Star"p. 85
"Identity, Power, and Local Television: African Americas, Organized Labor, and UHF-TV in Chicago, 1962-1968"p. 106
Part 2 The Production Contextp. 129
"Toward a Paradigm for Media Production Research: Behind the Scenes at General Hospital"p. 133
"Translating Trek: Rewriting an American Icon in a Francophone Context"p. 150
"Double Vision: Large-Screen Video Display and Live Sports Spectacle"p. 185
"Erasing Blackness: The Media Construction of 'Race' in Mi Familia, the First Puerto Rican Situation Comedy with a Black Family"p. 207
"Textual (Im)Possibilities in the U.S. Post-Network Era: Negotiating Production and Promotion Processes on Lifetime's Any Day Now"p. 273
Part 3 The Programming Contextp. 245
"Ah, Yes, I Remember It Well': Memory and Queer Culture in Will and Grace"p. 249
"Cartoon Realism: Genre Mixing and the Cultural Life of The Simpsons"p. 272
"The West Wing's Prime-Time Presidentiality: Mimesis and Catharsis in a Postmodern Romance"p. 292
"Sex and the City and Consumer Culture: Remediating Postfeminist Drama"p. 315
"Girls Rule! Gender, Feminism, and Nickelodeon"p. 332
"Soap Opera in China: The Transnational Politics of Visuality, Sexuality, and Masculinity"p. 353
"McTV: Understanding the Global Popularity of Television Formats"p. 375
"Sounds Real: Music and Documentary"p. 397
"From Insiders to Outsiders: The Advent of New Political Television"p. 408
"Television Melodrama"p. 438
Part 4 Audiences, Viewers, Usersp. 451
"Components of a Viewing Culture"p. 455
"Big Brother: The Real Audience"p. 471
"Telenovela Reception in Rural Brazil: Gendered Readings and Sexual Mores"p. 486
"Sex Appeal and Cultural Liberty: A Feminist Inquiry into MTV India"p. 507
"To Have and to Hold: The Video Collector's Relationship with an Ethereal Medium"p. 530
Part 5 Considering Televisionp. 557
"'This Is Not Al Dente': The Sopranos and the New Meaning of 'Television'"p. 561
"The Family Racket: AOL Time Warner, HBO, The Sopranos, and the Construction of a Quality Brand"p. 579
"Television as Transmodern Teaching"p. 595
"'Democracy as Defeat': The Impotence of Arguments for Public Service Broadcasting"p. 605
"A Response to Elizabeth Jacka's 'Democracy as Defeat'"p. 618
"Entertainment Wars: Television Culture After 9/11"p. 625
"Regulation, Media Literacy, and Media Civics"p. 654
About the Authorsp. 667