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Materials and processes in manufacturing
DeGarmo, E. Paul (Ernest Paul), 1907-
Fifth edition.
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New York : Macmillan, [1979]

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1076 pages ; 25 cm
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Includes index.
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"DeGarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, 10e" continues the tradition by presenting a solid introduction to the fundamentals of manufacturing along with the most up-to-date information. In order to make the concepts easier to understand, a variety of engineering materials are discussed as well as their properties and means of modifying them. Manufacturing processes and the concepts dealing with producing quality products are also covered.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Materials and Processes in Manufacturing.
Chapter 2 Properties of Materials
Chapter 3 Nature of Metals and Alloys
Chapter 4 Equilibrium Phase Diagrams and the Iron-Carbon System
Chapter 5 Heat Treatment
Chapter 6 Ferrous Metals and Alloys
Chapter 7 Nonferrous Metals and Alloys
Chapter 8 Nonmetallic Materials: Plastics, Elastomers, Ceramics, and Composites
Chapter 9 Material Selection
Chapter 10 Measurement and Inspection
Chapter 11 Nondestructive Inspection and Testing
Chapter 12 Process Capability and Quality Control
Casting Processes
Chapter 13 Fundamentals of Casting
Chapter 14 Expendable-Mold Casting Processes
Chapter 15 Multiple-Use-Mold Casting Processes
Chapter 16 Powder Metallurgy
Forming Processes
Chapter 17 Fundamentals of Metal Forming
Chapter 18 Hot-Working Processes
Chapter 19 Cold-Working Processes
Chapter 20 Fabrication of Plastics, Ceramics, and Composites
Machining Processes
Chapter 21 Fundamentals of Machining/Orthogonal Machining
Chapter 22 Cutting Tools for Machining
Chapter 23 Turning and Boring and Related Processes
Chapter 24 Drilling and Related Hole-Making Processes
Chapter 25 Milling
Chapter 26 Shaping, Planning, Broaching, Sawing, and Filing
Chapter 27 Abrasive Machining Processes
Chapter 28 Nontraditional Machining
Chapter 29 Workholding Devices
Chapter 30 Thread and Gear Manufacturing
Chapter 31 Surface Treatments, Finishing, and Integrity
Chapter 32 Manufacturing Automation
Chapter 33 Rapid Prototyping and Freeform Fabrication
Chapter 34 Microelectronic Manufacturing and Electronic Assembly
Joining Processes
Chapter 35 Fundamentals of Joining
Chapter 36 Gas Flame Processes
Chapter 37 Arc Processes
Chapter 38 Resistance Welding and Other Welding Processes
Chapter 39 Brazing and Soldering
Chapter 40 Adhesive Bonding and Mechanical Fastening
Manufacturing Systems Design
Chapter 41 Manufacturing and Production Systems
Chapter 42 System and Cell Design
Chapter 43 Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cells
Selected References for Additional Study