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Social ethics : morality and social policy
Mappes, Thomas A.
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-- New York : McGraw-Hill, [1977]

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viii, 375 pages ; 24 cm
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In its seventh edition, "Social Ethics: Morality and Social Policy" continues to provide material that will encourage reflective and critical examination of key contemporary moral problems. With additional readings and a new organization that groups related chapters together under four categories, this edition enhances the teachability that was the most salient characteristic of previous editions. The text maintains its ability to bring the central issues into clear focus, while allowing supporting arguments for widely diverse positions to be presented by those who embrace them.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Life-And-Death Issues
Chapter 1 Abortion IntroductionPope John Paul II
The Unspeakable Crime of AbortionMary Anne Warren
On the Moral and Legal Status of AbortionDon Marquis
Why Abortion is ImmoralJudith Jarvis Thomson
A Defense of AbortionMargaret Olivia Little
The Morality of Abortion JusticeHarry A. Blackmun
Majority Opinion in Roe v. WadeGeorge J. Annas
"Partial-Birth Abortion" and the Supreme Court Suggested Additional Readings for Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Euthanasia And Physician-Assisted Suicide IntroductionJames Rachels
Active and Passive EuthanasiaDaniel Callahan
Killing and Allowing to DieDan W. Brock
Voluntary Active EuthanasiaStephen G. Potts
Objections to the Institutionalisation of EuthanasiaDavid T. Watts and Timothy Howell
Assisted Suicide Is Not Voluntary Active Euthanasia Chief JusticeWilliam H. Rehnquist
Opinion of the Court inWashington v. Glucksberg Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
Concurring Opinion inWashington v. Glucksberg Vacco v. Quill and Franklin G. Miller and Diane E. Meier
Voluntary Death: A Comparison Of Terminal Dehydration and Physician-Assisted Suicide Suggested Additional Readings for Chapter 2
Chapter 3 The Death Penalty Introduction JusticesPotter Stewart and Lewis F. Powell, Jr. and John Paul Stevens
Opinion inGregg v. Georgia Justice Thurgood Marshall
Dissenting Opinion in Gregg v. GeorgiaIgor Primoratz
A Life for a LifeStephen Nathanson
An Eye for an EyeLouis P. Pojman
Deterrence and the Death PenaltyJeffrey Reiman, Common Sense, the Deterrent Effect of the Death Penalty, and the Best Bet Argument and David Dolinko
Procedural Arguments Against the Death Penalty Suggested Additional Readings for Chapter 3
Part 2 Liberty Issues
Chapter 4 Sex And Marriage IntroductionVincent C. Punzo
Morality and Human SexualityThomas A. Mappes
Sexual Morality and the Concept of Using Another PersonJohn Corvino
Why Shouldn't TommyJim Have Sex?
A Defense of Homosexuality Chief JusticeMargaret H. Marshall
Majority Opinion in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health JusticeMartha B. Sosman
Dissenting Opinion in Goodridge v. Department of Public HealthMaggie Gallagher
What Marriage Is For: Children Need Mothers and FathersJonathan Rauch
For Better or Worse? The Case for Gay (and Straight) Marriage Suggested Additional Readings for Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Pornography, Hate Speech, And Censorship IntroductionJohn Stuart Mill
On Liberty The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography
The Question of HarmHelen E. Longino
Pornography, Oppression, and Freedom: A Closer LookMark R. Wicclair
Feminism, Pornography, and Censorship Illinois Supreme Court
Opinion in Village of Skokie v. National Socialist Party of AmericaCharles R. Lawrence III
Racist Speech as the Functional Equivalent of Fighting Words Andrew Altman
Liberalism and Campus Hate Speech: A Philosophical Examination