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Absolute beginner's guide to WordPerfect 11
Acklen, Laura.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, [2004]

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xiv, 418 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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Whether you're new to WordPerfect or upgrading from a previous version, Absolute Beginner's Guide to WordPerfect 11 teaches you what you need to know to get right to work! This fun to read and easy to understand book starts with the basics, helping you build a foundation of knowledge so that you can be confident and comfortable using the software. In no time, you'll be able to produce letters, invoices, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more! Bonus chapters also provide coverage of Quattro Pro.

Author Notes

Laura Acklen has authored and co-authored many books. During her years as a corporate and law office trainer, she designed and wrote customized training materials for courses in WordPerfect, Windows, and a variety of other applications. Laura was contributing editor for WordPerfect for Windows Magazine for four years

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
I Learning the Basicsp. 5
1 Getting Started and Finding Helpp. 7
What Is WordPerfect?p. 8
Getting WordPerfect Up and Runningp. 8
Exploring the WordPerfect Screenp. 9
Working with the Property Bar and Toolbarsp. 10
Using the Menusp. 11
Getting Helpp. 12
Getting "Quick and Easy" Helpp. 13
Accessing the Help Topicsp. 14
Getting Help on the Webp. 15
Helping Microsoft Word Users Make the Transitionp. 16
2 Creating and Saving Documentsp. 19
Creating Documentsp. 20
Typing Textp. 20
Erasing Textp. 21
Moving Around in a Documentp. 22
Using the Mouse to Get Aroundp. 23
Using the Keyboard to Get Aroundp. 24
Printing a Documentp. 26
Saving Documentsp. 26
Saving and Closing Documentsp. 27
Saving to a Different File Formatp. 28
Closing Documentsp. 29
3 Finding and Opening Documentsp. 31
Getting Familiar with the Open File Dialog Boxp. 32
Opening a Filep. 32
Customizing the Viewp. 33
Rearranging the File Listp. 34
Navigating Through Drives and Foldersp. 35
Searching for a Filep. 36
Listing Files by Typep. 36
Listing Files by Modification Datep. 37
Searching by Filename or Contentp. 38
Converting Documents on Openp. 39
Installing Additional Conversion Filtersp. 40
Using the WordPerfect Office Conversion Utilityp. 40
Organizing Files in Foldersp. 41
Creating New Foldersp. 41
Moving and Copying Filesp. 42
Renaming Filesp. 43
Deleting Files and Foldersp. 44
4 Revising Documentsp. 47
Selecting Textp. 48
Selecting Text with the Keyboardp. 48
Selecting Text with the Mousep. 48
Moving and Copying Textp. 49
Using Undo to Fix Your Mistakesp. 52
Using the Zoom Featurep. 53
Zooming In with the Mousep. 54
Zooming In on a Specific Areap. 54
Switching to 5.1 Classic Modep. 55
Switching to the Blue Screenp. 56
Switching to the WordPerfect 5.1 Keyboardp. 57
Working with More Than One Documentp. 58
Previewing and Printing Documentsp. 59
Switching to Print Previewp. 60
Changing the Number of Copiesp. 60
Printing Specific Pagesp. 61
Faxing Documents from WordPerfectp. 62
Sending Documents via Emailp. 63
5 Basic Formattingp. 67
Emphasizing Important Textp. 68
Choosing the Right Fontp. 68
Selecting Fonts and Font Sizesp. 69
Choosing a Font from the QuickFonts Listp. 71
Using Other Font Effectsp. 72
Changing Marginsp. 73
Using the Guidelinesp. 73
Adjusting the Left and Right Margins Using the Rulerp. 75
Using the Page Setup Dialog Boxp. 75
Creating an Envelopep. 76
Inserting Symbolsp. 79
Using the Symbols Dialog Boxp. 79
Using the Symbols Toolbar Buttonp. 80
Using QuickCorrectp. 80
Working in Reveal Codesp. 81
Turning on Reveal Codesp. 81
Printing the Codesp. 83
6 Using the Writing Toolsp. 85
Recognizing WordPerfect's Automatic Proofreading Featuresp. 86
Spell Checking a Documentp. 87
Checking for Grammatical Errorsp. 89
Looking Up Words in the Thesaurusp. 92
Using the Dictionaryp. 93
Switching to a Different Languagep. 95
Searching and Replacing Text and Codesp. 97
Searching for Textp. 97
Searching for Codesp. 98
Discovering the Power of QuickCorrectp. 101
Adding and Deleting QuickCorrect Entriesp. 101
Customizing Format-As-You-Gop. 102
Inserting SpeedLinksp. 104
Creating QuickWord Entriesp. 105
II Making It Look Nicep. 109
7 Working with Paragraphsp. 111
Aligning Textp. 112
Using Center and Flush Rightp. 112
Justifying Textp. 113
Setting Tabsp. 115
Turning on the Rulerp. 116
Clearing the Default Tabsp. 116
Setting New Tabsp. 117
Changing the Tab Typep. 117
Editing Tab Settingsp. 117
Indenting Textp. 120
Adjusting the Spacing Between Lines and Paragraphsp. 122
Adjusting the Line Spacingp. 122
Adjusting the Spacing Between Paragraphsp. 123
Keeping Text Togetherp. 123
Enabling Widow/Orphan Protectionp. 124
Using Block Protectp. 124
Setting a Conditional End of Pagep. 125
8 Working with Pagesp. 127
Inserting a Page Breakp. 128
Changing Paper Size and Orientationp. 129
Subdividing Pagesp. 130
Adding Page Numbersp. 132
Inserting Page Numbers in a Preset Positionp. 132
Inserting Page Numbers Manuallyp. 134
Adding a Header or Footerp. 136
Creating a Header or Footerp. 136
Working with Headers and Footersp. 138
Suppressing and Delaying Formattingp. 140
Using the Suppress Featurep. 140
Inserting a Delay Codep. 141
Adding Borders Around Pagesp. 143
Using the Make It Fit Featurep. 146
9 Using Styles for Consistencyp. 149
Understanding Stylesp. 150
Open Stylesp. 150
Paired Stylesp. 150
Using QuickStyle to Create Your Own Stylesp. 151
Using WordPerfect's Heading Stylesp. 153
Building Your Own Stylesp. 154
Editing Stylesp. 155
Revising Your Stylesp. 155
Customizing the Default Settingsp. 156
Using QuickFormatp. 157
III Organizing Informationp. 161
10 Creating and Formatting Tablesp. 163
Creating Tablesp. 164
Working with Tablesp. 166
Typing in Tablesp. 166
Adjusting the Column Widthsp. 166
Adding Rows and Columnsp. 168
Deleting Rows or Columnsp. 169
Joining and Splitting Cellsp. 169
Formatting Tables, Column, and Cellsp. 171
Formatting the Entire Tablep. 171
Formatting Text in Columnsp. 172
Formatting Rowsp. 173
Formatting Cellsp. 175
Changing Lines, Fills, and Bordersp. 178
Using SpeedFormatp. 178
Changing the Linesp. 179
Changing the Fill Patternp. 181
Choosing a Table Borderp. 182
Using WordPerfect Tables for Calculationsp. 183
Using QuickSump. 183
Inserting Formulasp. 185
Inserting Functionsp. 187
Converting Text to a Table, or a Table to Textp. 188
Converting Tabular Columns to Tablesp. 189
Converting Tables to Other Formatsp. 190
11 Lists and Outlinesp. 193
Working with Listsp. 194
Creating Bulleted Listsp. 194
Creating Numbered Listsp. 196
Editing Listsp. 197
Changing the Bullet or Numbering Stylep. 198
Working with Outlinesp. 199
Creating Outlinesp. 200
Using the Outline Property Barp. 201
Editing an Outlinep. 201
Collapsing and Expanding Outlinesp. 205
Changing the Outline Stylep. 206
IV Adding Visualsp. 209
12 Working with Graphicsp. 211
Working with Graphic Linesp. 212
Inserting Standard Linesp. 212
Customizing Graphic Linesp. 213
Inserting Graphic Imagesp. 217
Inserting Clip Artp. 217
Moving and Sizing and Imagep. 219
Importing Graphicsp. 221
Creating Text Boxesp. 224
Setting Border, Wrap, and Fill Optionsp. 225
Wrapping Text Around Graphics Boxesp. 225
Adding Borders to Graphics Boxesp. 226
Adding Fills to Graphics Boxesp. 228
Adding Watermarksp. 229
Inserting Shapesp. 232
Adding Line Shapesp. 234
Adding Closed Object Shapesp. 235
Adding Callout Shapesp. 236
Layering Graphicsp. 237
13 Sharing Datap. 239
Copying Data from Other Programsp. 240
Using Corel's Clipbookp. 240
Loading the Clipbook Programp. 241
Using the Clipbookp. 241
Using OLE to Link and Embed Data from Other Programsp. 243
Using OLE to Create a Link to Existing Datap. 244
Creating a New OLE Objectp. 245
Opening (or Importing) Files from Other Programsp. 246
Saving (or Exporting) to Other File Formatsp. 247
Installing Additional Conversion Filtersp. 248
Using Data from Unsupported Formatsp. 249
Publishing Documents to PDFp. 250
Publishing Documents to XMLp. 251
V Automating Your Workp. 253
14 Using the Merge Featurep. 255
Working with Data Filesp. 256
Creating a Data Filep. 256
Importing Data into Merge Data Filesp. 260
Creating Form Filesp. 261
Merging the Data and Form Files Togetherp. 265
Creating Envelopesp. 268
Creating Labelsp. 269
Creating Fill-in-the-Blank Formsp. 270
15 Using the Address Bookp. 275
The CoreICENTRAL Address Bookp. 276
Starting the CoreICENTRAL Address Bookp. 276
Adding Entries to an Address Bookp. 277
Creating New Address Booksp. 279
Working with Address Book Entriesp. 280
Customizing the CoreICENTRAL Address Book Windowp. 283
Integrating with Outlookp. 285
Opening the Outlook Address Bookp. 285
Routing Documents with Outlookp. 286
Using Address Books with Mergep. 288
Associate a Form File with an Address Bookp. 288
Edit an Association to an Address Bookp. 289
Importing and Exporting Address Booksp. 289
16 Working with Templatesp. 293
Using WordPerfect's Templatesp. 294
Filling in Personal Informationp. 295
The Disable Macro Messagep. 296
Using the PerfectExpert Panelp. 296
Customizing WordPerfect's Templatesp. 298
Backing Up the Default Templatep. 298
Editing the Default Templatep. 299
Editing the WordPerfect Templatesp. 300
Downloading and Installing Templatesp. 302
Converting an Existing Document to a Templatep. 303
17 Creating and Playing Macrosp. 307
What Is a Macro?p. 308
Playing Macrosp. 308
Running WordPerfect's Shipping Macrosp. 309
Creating Macrosp. 313
Editing Macrosp. 314
Recording Several Sample Macrosp. 315
Creating a Signature Block Macrop. 316
Creating a Document Identification Footerp. 316
Creating a Fax Cover Sheetp. 317
18 Using WordPerfect's Legal Toolsp. 321
Creating a Table of Contentsp. 322
Marking the Entriesp. 322
Defining the Tablep. 325
Generating the Tablep. 327
Creating a Table of Authoritiesp. 328
Marking the First Authorityp. 329
Marking Subsequent Authoritiesp. 331
Defining the Tablep. 332
Generating the Tablep. 333
Using Document Map to Navigate Long Documentsp. 334
Reviewing Documentsp. 335
Making Comments as a Reviewerp. 335
Responding to Comments as the Authorp. 337
Comparing Documentsp. 338
Highlighting Changes in a Document Automaticallyp. 339
Applying Redline and Strikeout Manuallyp. 340
Removing Revision Marksp. 341
Creating Pleading Documentsp. 341
Creating and Editing Casesp. 342
Creating and Editing Pleading Stylesp. 344
Publishing Pleadings to EDGAR Formatp. 345
19 Using the Task Managerp. 347
Launching the Task Managerp. 348
Selecting a Project from the Task Managerp. 349
Opening Recent Documentsp. 350
Getting Help Through Task Managerp. 351
VI Appendixesp. 353
A Learning Quattro Pro Basicsp. 355
The Quattro Pro Screenp. 356
Starting Quattro Prop. 356
The Quattro Pro Interfacep. 357
Entering Datap. 357
Entering Values and Labelsp. 358
Navigating Around the Notebook Windowp. 358
Working with Cellsp. 359
Editing Cell Entriesp. 359
Selecting Cellsp. 359
Moving and Copying Informationp. 360
Saving Your Workp. 362
Importing and Exporting Datap. 363
Getting Expert Assistancep. 364
B Working with Formulas and Functions in Quattro Prop. 367
Understanding Formulasp. 368
Order of Operationsp. 368
Entering Formulasp. 369
Editing Formulasp. 370
Copying Formulasp. 371
Using QuickSump. 372
Understanding Functionsp. 374
Using the Formula Composerp. 375
Entering Spreadsheet Functions Manuallyp. 377
C Formatting Your Spreadsheetsp. 379
Inserting, Clearing, and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columnsp. 380
Inserting Rows and Columnsp. 380
Clearing the Contentsp. 381
Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columnsp. 381
Adjusting Column Width and Row Heightp. 382
Adjusting Column Widthp. 383
Adjusting Row Heightp. 383
Assigning Precise Dimensions to Columns and Rowsp. 384
Formatting Valuesp. 385
Aligning Entries in Cellsp. 386
Adding Emphasis to Cellsp. 387
Protecting Cellsp. 388
Joining Cellsp. 389
Naming Cellsp. 390
Using SpeedFormatp. 391
D Understanding the WordPerfect Product Familyp. 393
WordPerfect Office 11p. 393
The Standard Versionp. 394
The Professional Versionp. 394
The Education Editionp. 394
The Trial Versionp. 395
WordPerfect Office 11 OEMp. 395
WordPerfect Family Pack 5p. 395
WordPerfect Productivity Packp. 396
Places to Go for Helpp. 396
Indexp. 397