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Scanners for dummies
Chambers, Mark L.
Personal Author:
Second edition.
Publication Information:
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, [2004]

Physical Description:
xv, 318 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).
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Includes index.
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Fully updated to cover new hardware and technology

Here's how to choose a scanner, set it up, and start capturing images

Flatbed or sheet-fed? USB or FireWire? And what the heck is a dpi, anyway? This handy guide tells you all that and more - everything you need to know to get the most use, and fun, out of your scanner. Choose the right image editing software, share photos online, even get the scoop on tricks the experts use.

All this on the bonus CD-ROM
* Evaluation versions of Paint Shop Pro and Photo Album
* Adobe Photoshop Elements and Acrobat Professional tryout versions
* Mac GraphicConverter and VueScan trial versions
* SnapCopier(TM) and Ulead PhotoImpact XL trial versions

Discover how to:
* Buy the right scanner for your needs
* Choose your software
* Fine-tune your scans
* Select and install extra equipment
* Edit images like a pro
* Keep your scanner happy and healthy

Author Notes

Mark L. Chambers has been a computer consultant, programmer, hardware technician, tech editor, and author for more than 20 years

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
What's Really Requiredp. 1
About This Bookp. 2
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 2
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Icons Used in This Bookp. 4
Where to Go from Herep. 5
Part I The Scam on Scannersp. 7
Chapter 1 Let's Get Digitized!p. 9
"Okay, I'll Bite--What's a Scanner?"p. 10
What Can I Scan, Mr. Spock?p. 11
Different Breeds of Scannerp. 11
Examining the Innardsp. 15
Scanning Explained (for Normal Folks)p. 17
Resolving Resolutionp. 19
How Deep Is Your Color?p. 21
Chapter 2 The Joys of Buying a Scannerp. 23
A Game of Five Questions (Actually, Just Three)p. 24
Have I Got an Interface for You!p. 29
TWAIN (Not the Tom Sawyer Guy)p. 32
Scanner Features to Covetp. 33
Software You've Just Gotta Havep. 34
And the Winner Isp. 38
"Should I Buy on the Web?"p. 39
Supporting Your Local Hardware Hutp. 40
Part II Surviving the Installationp. 41
Chapter 3 "Will That Be Parallel, USB, or FireWire?"p. 43
The Plug and the Playp. 44
Before You Beginp. 45
Docking at the Parallel Portp. 46
USB or Bust (and FireWire, too)p. 46
Don't Forget Your Driver!p. 47
Chapter 4 And Then There's SCSIp. 49
The Way Things Should Workp. 50
Look Out, It's the Terminator, er, Governor of California!p. 51
Can I See Some ID, Please?p. 54
Installing Your SCSI Cardp. 55
Connecting Your SCSI Scannerp. 57
Uh ... It's Not Workingp. 58
Chapter 5 Installing the Extra Stuffp. 59
Installing Your Scanner Softwarep. 59
Pile On an Image Editorp. 61
"Do I Need More Storage?"p. 64
Printers, Printers, Printersp. 68
Testing the Whole Doggone Thingp. 69
Part III Bread-and-Butter Scanningp. 73
Chapter 6 Just Plain, Basic Scanningp. 75
Before You Scanp. 76
Lining Things Upp. 81
Make with the Settingsp. 85
Previewing on Paradep. 88
Choosing a Chunkp. 89
Doing the Scan Thingp. 90
Look, Ma--One Button!p. 92
Chapter 7 Examining Your Original: The Sequelp. 95
So What's the Difference?p. 96
Line Artp. 97
Color and Grayscale Photographsp. 100
Halftone Imagesp. 102
3-D Objectsp. 104
Textp. 108
Chapter 8 Attack of the Fine-Tuning Monsterp. 111
Are All These Advanced Settings Really Necessary?p. 112
Setting Your Resolutionp. 112
Colors and Bits, Colors and Bitsp. 115
The Light and the Darkp. 117
Size Really Does Countp. 119
Making Green Bananas Yellowp. 121
Basic Filters 101p. 123
Flipping and Rotating: The Scanner Dance Crazep. 124
Let's Invertp. 126
Chapter 9 Image Editing the Easy Wayp. 129
Introducing the Tool of Choice: Paint Shop Prop. 130
Opening a Filep. 132
Shall We Browse?p. 133
Cropping a Scanned Imagep. 135
Sharpen That Line, Mister!p. 137
It's Just Too Big!p. 139
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wallp. 140
The Light and the Darkp. 142
Wouldn't a Frame Look Nice?p. 143
Removing Uncle Milton's Red-Eyep. 144
Rotating 101p. 146
Who Needs Color, Anyway?p. 146
A Little Alchemy: Changing Image Formatsp. 147
Part IV The Lazy Expert's Guide to Advanced Scanningp. 149
Chapter 10 So You Want to Be an Internet Graphics Gurup. 151
GIF Isn't a Snack Food, and JPEG Isn't Spelled Jaypegp. 152
What the Sam Hill Is a PNG?p. 155
Choosing Color Depth for Web Imagesp. 156
Compression in the 21st Centuryp. 158
That Color Doesn't Look Rightp. 162
What Size Is Best for the Web?p. 163
Sending Your Scans through E-Mailp. 164
Wait a Second: Is This Legal?p. 167
Should I Keep This to Myself?p. 169
Chapter 11 Advanced Image Editing 101p. 171
Making Magic with Scanned Imagesp. 172
Introducing Filters and Effectsp. 174
Going Wild with the Effect Browserp. 175
Let's Hear It for Plug-Ins!p. 177
Editing Tiny Pieces of Your Imagesp. 180
Imaging Tools You Can't Resistp. 184
Chapter 12 Maintaining the Scanner Beastp. 189
Calibrate Your Way to Happinessp. 189
The Right Way to Clean Your Scannerp. 191
Hardware Nightmares and How to Fix Themp. 196
Software Nightmares and How to Fix Themp. 203
Help!p. 206
Chapter 13 Scanner Projects for Crafty Peoplep. 207
Creating a Custom Wine Labelp. 207
A T-Shirt with a Personal Touchp. 210
Creating a Slide Show CDp. 213
Using an OCR Programp. 217
Faxing a Scanned Imagep. 220
Part V The Part of Tensp. 223
Chapter 14 Ten Tips and Tricks for Better Scanning and Editingp. 225
Investigate New Softwarep. 225
Experiment!p. 226
Thanks for the Memoryp. 227
Update Everythingp. 229
Avoid the Edgep. 229
Toss Your Mousep. 230
Hard Drive Tips and Tricksp. 231
Know Thy Scanning Softwarep. 234
Defragment Your Hard Drivep. 235
Splurge on Your Monitorp. 237
Chapter 15 Ten Things to Avoid Like the Plaguep. 239
The Pentium II and the PowerPC 60xp. 240
Printer Cartridge Scannersp. 241
Serial Scannersp. 241
Old Printer Cablesp. 242
Refurbished Hardwarep. 243
Scanning Copyrighted Workp. 244
Windows 95 and System 7p. 244
Obscure Image Formatsp. 245
Small-Capacity Hard Drives and Floppy Disksp. 246
Materials That Should Never Be Scannedp. 248
Chapter 16 Ten Signs of a Good Scanp. 249
Keeping Things Straightp. 249
Crop 'Til You Dropp. 251
You're Looking Sharpp. 254
Flat Is Nicep. 256
That's, Like, So ... Transparentp. 258
Your Original Is Your Friendp. 261
Favor the First Generationp. 261
Size Does Matterp. 262
Colors That Balancep. 264
A Finely Tuned Formatp. 265
Chapter 17 Ten Favorite Effectsp. 267
Introducing the Sample Scanp. 268
Furp. 269
Texturep. 270
Buttonizep. 271
Page Curlp. 272
Ripplep. 273
Sunburstp. 273
Glowing Edgesp. 274
Rotating Mirrorp. 275
Punchp. 276
Brush Strokesp. 276
Part VI Appendixesp. 279
Appendix A Scanner Hardware and Software Manufacturersp. 281
Hardware Manufacturersp. 281
Software Developersp. 282
Appendix B Glossaryp. 285
Appendix C About the CDp. 295
System Requirementsp. 295
Using the CD with Microsoft Windowsp. 296
Using the CD with Mac OSp. 297
What You'll Find on the CDp. 298
Troubleshootingp. 302
Indexp. 303
End-User License Agreementp. 319