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Fighting spam for dummies
Levine, John R.
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Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, [2004]

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xiv, 222 pages : illustrations.
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Includes index.
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If you have e-mail, you have spam--that annoying electronic junk mail that jams your inbox, sometimes makes you blush, and takes a lot of the fun out of your online experience. Spam wastes thousands of hours and costs you, the recipient of the stuff you don't want, thousands of dollars in increased costs that your Internet service provider eventually passes along to you. In fact, a European survey in 2001 revealed that spam costs about $9.4 billion each year!

Spammers spam because they're not paying for it, you are. The good news is, you can fight back, and Fighting Spam For Dummies tells you how. Find out

Where spam comes from How to set up spam filters How folders help filter out spam What additional programs can help Where--and how--to report spam How best to lobby for spam control

You'll get the plai n-English explanation for activating any additional protection offered by your ISP, and discover how to make the best use of any spam filter that came with your e-mail program. Fighting Spam For Dummies will arm you with information about

Making your address harder for spammers to grab Why simply hitting "delete" isn't enough Tracking down the source of the spam What you can learn from e-mail headers How spam filters work--and why they aren't foolproof Setting up the maximum level of filtration for your e-mail program and ISP What information your ISP needs when you report spam How--and how not--to complain Adding protection with POPFile Ways to protect your clients if you're a network administrator

The ultimate solution to spam has yet to be found, but these Internet-savvy authors give you the tools to help level the playing field. They also offer some solid suggestions for anti-spam laws and how you can join the war on spam.

Author Notes

JOHN R. LEVINE and MARGARET LEVINE YOUNG are the bestselling coauthors of numerous books, including The Internet For Dummies .

RAY EVERETT CHURCH is Chief Privacy Officer for

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
What's in This Bookp. 2
Conventions and Icons in This Bookp. 2
Write to Us--That's Not Spam!p. 3
Part I The World of Spamp. 5
Chapter 1 How Spam Works--and Drives You Crazy!p. 7
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spamp. 8
Why Spam Worksp. 9
The economics of spamp. 9
Why spam is a bigger problem than you thinkp. 10
There's no such thing as a free lunch, particularly on the Internetp. 10
Spam is a bad deal for everybody (except the spammer)p. 11
Who Hath Spammed Thee? (The Spammer Food Chain)p. 12
Why "Just Hit the Delete Key!" Is No Answerp. 15
More Ways You Pay for Spamp. 15
Calling Erin Brockovich!p. 17
Why Spam Is Hard to Stopp. 18
The price of speed: Accuracyp. 19
Whitelists, blacklists, filtersp. 20
Can You Really Fight Back Against Spam? Yes!p. 21
Chapter 2 How Spammers Get Your Addressp. 25
When You're a Spammer, the World Is Your Gardenp. 26
From the Yellow Pages to the Dictionaryp. 27
Keeping One Step Ahead of the Spammersp. 28
What More Can You Do?p. 33
Chapter 3 There Oughtta Be a Law Against Spam!p. 35
Is Spam Already Illegal?p. 35
Libertarians, stop reading here!p. 36
Technology isn't the only answerp. 37
Laws can do stuff that technology can'tp. 38
Spam: The Elusive Definitionp. 38
How art thou spam?p. 39
Spam is in the eye of the beholderp. 40
Current Laws on Spamp. 42
State-by-statep. 43
Spam around the worldp. 43
How to Make Spam Laws Workp. 44
Power to the People!p. 45
The Future of Antispam Lawsp. 46
Chapter 4 Talk to the Hand 'Cuz the Spammer Don't Carep. 47
Look at E-Mail Headersp. 48
Follow the flow of Received headersp. 50
Look up the owner of the last verifiable mail-handling serverp. 52
Investigate the Contents of the Spamp. 54
Get Ready to Address Your Complaintsp. 55
Send Your Complaints--Nicelyp. 57
When complaints bounce back, go upstreamp. 59
Don't complain to IANA!p. 61
When All Else Fails, Tell It To Your ISPp. 61
Part II Filtering Spam Out of Your Inboxp. 63
Chapter 5 Mailbox Filtering in Your E-Mail Programp. 65
Where Messages Live: Mail Folders and Mailboxesp. 66
Moving Your Messages with Filtersp. 67
Identifying Spam for Filteringp. 67
Another Approach: Filter Everything Except Spamp. 68
Which E-Mail Program Do You Use?p. 69
Chapter 6 Filtering Spam in Outlook Express and Outlookp. 73
Folders Are Your Friendsp. 75
What folders do you have?p. 75
Creating a folder for your spamp. 76
Turning On Junk E-Mail Blocking (Outlook 2003)p. 77
Spam-blocking levels in Outlook 2003p. 77
Setting Outlook 2003 to block your spamp. 78
Telling Outlook 2003 who your friends arep. 80
Telling Outlook 2003 which mailing lists you're onp. 80
Turning On Junk E-Mail Blocking (Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002)p. 81
Blocking Messages by Senderp. 83
Viewing your Blocked Senders listp. 83
Blocking messages from entire domainsp. 84
Reviewing Your Spamp. 85
Blocking Web Bugs Disguised as Graphics (Outlook 2003)p. 87
How Outlook 2003 displays picturesp. 88
Turning off the Outlook 2003 picture-blocking featurep. 89
Sorting Spam Directly into the Trashp. 90
Creating Rules to Trash Spamp. 91
Creating a new rule in Outlook Expressp. 91
Creating a new rule in Outlook 2003p. 96
Creating a new rule in Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002p. 101
Chapter 7 Filtering Spam in Netscape and Mozilla Mailp. 105
Using the Netscape/Mozilla Mail Junk Mail Controlsp. 106
Configuring your junk mail controlsp. 107
Training Netscape/Mozilla Mail to recognize spamp. 108
Creating a Folder for Your Spam (Or Other Messages)p. 109
Creating Message Filters to Trash Spamp. 110
Chapter 8 Filtering Spam in Eudorap. 115
Watching Out for Spam with SpamWatchp. 116
Configuring SpamWatchp. 116
Checking your Junk folderp. 119
Marking spam that SpamWatch missedp. 120
Moving Messages into Eudora Mailboxesp. 121
Creating Eudora mailboxesp. 121
Creating Eudora filters to trash spamp. 121
Chapter 9 Filtering Spam in AOL and AOL Communicatorp. 125
Fighting Spam in AOL 9p. 126
Setting your AOL spam optionsp. 126
Creating folders for your mailp. 127
Junking Spam in AOL Communicator Mailp. 128
Getting AOL Communicatorp. 128
Blocking spam in AOL Communicator Mailp. 129
Training your spam filtersp. 131
Showing, hiding, and deleting spamp. 131
Creating folders in AOL Communicator Mailp. 132
Creating filters in AOL Communicator Mailp. 133
Using Netscape to Read Your AOL Mailp. 134
Chapter 10 Filtering Spam in Hotmail, MSN, and Yahoo! Mailp. 137
Spam Options for Hotmail and MSN Usersp. 138
Setting your Hotmail or MSN spam optionsp. 138
Reading Hotmail or MSN mail from Outlook Express or Outlookp. 140
Reading Hotmail or MSN mail with any old e-mail programp. 141
Spam Options for Yahoo! Mail Usersp. 142
Setting your Yahoo! Mail filtering optionsp. 142
Reading Yahoo! Mail with another e-mail programp. 143
Part III Spam-Filtering Programs and Servicesp. 145
Chapter 11 A Round-Up of Desktop Antispam Programsp. 147
Most E-Mail Programs Can't Go It Alonep. 148
How third-party programs workp. 148
What if you don't POP?p. 153
POPFile: The Open Source Spam Filterp. 154
How POPFile tags messagesp. 155
Installing POPFilep. 157
Setting POPFile to run on Windows Startupp. 158
Talking to POPFilep. 159
Creating buckets in POPFilep. 160
Configuring your e-mail program to work with POPFilep. 162
Configuring Outlook Express or Outlook for POPFilep. 163
Configuring Pegasus for POPFilep. 164
Training POPFilep. 165
Adding Spam Bully to Outlook and Outlook Expressp. 168
Separating spam from mail with Spam Bullyp. 169
Managing your black-and-white listsp. 170
Keeping Spam Bully under controlp. 170
Chapter 12 Antispam Services for Just Plain Folksp. 173
Filters for Your Existing Mailboxp. 175
Filtered Mail Addressesp. 175
Lots of Mail Addressesp. 177
Chapter 13 Server-Side Spam Filtering for Network Administratorsp. 179
Server Filtering Techniquesp. 180
DNS blacklists and whitelistsp. 180
Bulk countingp. 182
Timing and greylistsp. 183
Approaches to Combination Filteringp. 184
If You Use Windows Server and Exchangep. 185
Filtering on Unix and Linux Serversp. 186
But, Does It Make Toast?p. 188
Third-Party Servicesp. 189
A Checklist for Server Spam Filtersp. 190
Part IV The Part of Tensp. 191
Chapter 14 Ten Spam Scamsp. 193
Help Steal Millions from an African Countryp. 193
Make Lots of Money with No Workp. 194
You've Won a Free Vacationp. 194
Verify Your Account -- Not!p. 195
Get Free Cable or Satellite TVp. 195
Repair Your Bad Creditp. 196
Become Thin and Beautifulp. 196
Get Drugs Without a Prescription, Cheapp. 197
Make, Uh, Your Body Parts Biggerp. 197
Free Pornp. 198
Chapter 15 Ten Internet Annoyances and How to Get Rid of Themp. 199
Squashing Browser Pop-Upsp. 200
Protecting Your System from Intrudersp. 201
Don't Let Viruses Inp. 203
Checking for Spyware and Adwarep. 204
Don't Limit Yourself to One Web Pagep. 205
Covering Your Tracksp. 206
Finding Pages That Used to Be Therep. 207
Has This Page Changed?p. 208
Sending Mail to All Your Buddiesp. 209
Indexp. 211