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Soul signs : an elemental guide to your spiritual destiny
Altea, Rosemary.
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[Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale, [2004]

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xiv, 304 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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Moving beyond the well known astrological and sun signs, Rosemary Altea has created an entirely new system for understanding our signs. She describes a constellation of qualities derived from the soul that explain our personality, our drive, and enable us to understand our most fundamental selves

In Soul Signs , internationally renowned spiritual medium Rosemary Altea introduces us to a system of soul typing that encompasses all living beings and explores the true nature of the soul-in a radiant style familiar to the legion of fans who have made her a bestselling author and an enormous hit on such shows as The Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, and Larry King Live .

Which energy group do you belong to--the strategic and grounded earth signs, passive and charming air signs, compromising yet unstoppable water signs, the ever-changing emotional fire signs, or the destructive dark sign-or sulfur group? Are you a strong-willed, emotionally driven, perfectionist Retrospective soul? A thrill-seeking, nonconformist, romantic but fickle Traveler soul? What about your mate? There are 13 soul signs in all. Once readers learn the science behind soul typing, they will enjoy "typing" their friends, family, and even celebrities to better understand why some people seem so happy, others at war with themselves, and-the most fun-who belongs together.

Author Notes

Rosemary Altea , whose work as a medium and healer has been featured in Vanity Fair , People , and the New York Times , is founder of the nonprofit Rosemary Altea Association of Healers in England. The bestselling author of The Eagle and the Rose , made into a Fall 2003 NBC-TV movie, she is also the author of the book/audio package Give the Gift of Healing . She lives in Vermont.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Imagine a new system of finding people with whom you could be compatible, or who at least understand the nature of your interpersonal dynamic. Based on information channeled from her spirit guide Grey Eagle, spiritual medium Altea (The Eagle and the Rose) has written such a system based on "Soul Signs" or energy groups: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sulphur. Although the first four sound similar to the cardinal associations of astrology, Altea firmly asserts that astrological and soul sign typing are different. For example, her mother is an Aquarian, but fire is her soul type. Fire souls are driven by passion; earth by a need to plan and strategize; air by a passive and calming energy flow; and water by a need to evaluate and compromise. The fifth group, sulphur, is a total departure from astrological ideas, as sulphur souls are driven by evil. Within each of the five energy groups there are subsets based on type of energy flow (introvert, central and extrovert), which is not the same as a personality type whom we might consider as introverted or extroverted. These subsets have evocative labels such as Retrospective, Visionary, Peacemaker, Newborn, Bright Star, Warrior Soul, etc. All members of the sulphur sign are considered Dark Souls. Since soul signs, unlike astrological signs, lack an obvious date marker, Altea gives numerous explanations and variations to help readers determine their soul sign and subset throughout. The book's chief merit is in provoking new ways of contemplating the human psyche. (June) Forecast: A six-city book tour, a confirmed appearance on Larry King Live, and a drive-time radio tour should help move this title, which is an alternate selection of the One Spirit Book Club. (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved



WALK WITH ME NOW It was just a little more than five years ago that the subject of soul signs first came up, and the moment Grey Eagle mentioned it to me, I was fascinated. Considering the fact that I have been working with the spirit world for more than twenty years, some of you might find it odd that I hadn't been educated about this important spiritual knowledge sooner. The reason is simple: Until then, I had not been ready, and Grey Eagle knew it. (Nor were any of us, although perhaps some of you have had a glimpse or two.) Since that time I have been an avid and attentive student, learning as much as I can about one of the most fascinating and insightful subjects I have ever been privileged to be involved with, and the greatest thing for me now is that I really get it. Why was my mother the way she was? Because she was a Fire sign, a Retrospective Soul. Why does my daughter respond to some situations the ways she does? Because she is an Earth sign, a Visionary Soul. Why is my sister so easygoing, so different from me? Because she's an Air sign, a Prophet Soul. How is it that my friend Chris can always find a compromise? Well, she's a Water sign, an Old Soul, and so compromise is easier for her than for others. And what about you? What kind of soul, what sign are you? As you work your way through this book, you'll find out. You will learn about energy groups, soul signs, clusters, power sources, and energy flow. You will learn about your relationships, about how and why they work or don't work. And as you read you will, I hope, become more and more inspired, as I was, to learn to read the soul signs of others. But first, perhaps I should tell you a little more about myself. Some of you, I know, have met me before, either through my books or lectures, my Web site, or my work as a spiritual healer. For some of you, though, this will be your first encounter, the first time you have journeyed with me, the first time you have allowed me into your life. Whichever it is, my hope is to inspire you as I have been inspired. I work in the spiritual realm, teaching, being taught, and trying to grow. My beliefs, as perhaps yours, are simple, and have matured for a variety of different reasons. I believe that we are all souls, a group of souls, on this earth, for who knows what reason . . . and trying to figure it out. I am perhaps more fortunate than most in that I have Grey Eagle by my side. Grey Eagle came into my life in 1981, and we have been together ever since. I told the story of how we came together in my first book, The Eagle and the Rose. As my spirit guide he has helped me find answers to the many questions I have had over the years, sharing his knowledge, his treasures, with me. We are partners: Grey Eagle is the teacher, I am the student. In his time on earth, more than a century ago, Grey Eagle was an Apache shaman, a medicine man, a healer; and so it seems only natural that I too am a healer, with a healing organization based in England and a healing center in Vermont. Grey Eagle helps me in my work and in my life in a variety of ways, and it is his work, and his wisdom, that have led me to the concept of soul signs. Grey Eagle has always told me that I am a Warrior Soul, and for the longest time I just accepted and never questioned what that might mean. But over the last few years, I began to question; I became more and more intrigued by the possibility of really coming to know about the soul. One of my first questions to Grey Eagle was, "If I am a Warrior Soul, does that mean there are other kinds of souls, and if so . . ." You can imagine that, once begun, the questions were endless. The answers I received have changed the whole way I look at things, at people, at situations, and at all the different kinds of relationships we have. Knowing about soul signs has changed my life, and it can change yours. From time to time throughout this book I give glimpses of my mediumship, of my ability to communicate with those who have passed. As curious as it sounds, traveling in time and space to other worlds, other dimensions, and returning again and again, then recounting my experiences as best I can, is the gift and the job I was given. It can happen in a heartbeat, unexpectedly, or it can be a controlled and slower process. It can happen in a restaurant, in the street, or at home in my bed. In fact, it can happen anywhere. There are times when I am very aware of it happening, and times when it is so much a part of me that I am unaware. My friends, those who know me well, know when it is happening. They all describe it the same way: My eyes, they say, seem to move backward, like a slowly turning telescope focusing somewhere beyond their range, as they see me slipping into another world. I am not aware of this at all, of the movement of my eyes or of any physical changes. For me it has always been, always will be, a natural function of my being. And I like it that way. It means that I can access a place and people some would refer to as invisible. It also means that I can access information, knowledge, and insight that others can't, which doesn't make me all knowing or all seeing by any means, but it does enable me to gain insights and understanding of some of the issues that we mortals find confusing as we struggle with our human existence. When I first began my work as a spiritual medium, the subjects of life after death and spirit communication, while centuries old, were not nearly as openly talked about as they are today. The very idea of a spiritual medium on a television show . . . "Are you crazy?" Not so anymore, I'm happy to say. Now we are familiar with these ideas and can explore them freely without producing strange looks, raised eyebrows, or prejudice. As I dip into this unseen realm, I'm searching for pearls, just as a bee goes from flower to flower seeking nectar, seeking food. Each time I go I find a treasure of sorts, a small gem of wisdom I didn't have before. Each time I return I bring back the treasure and add it to my pile. Now here they are, small treasures spilling out onto the pages of this book, ready to be held, each a gem ready to shine out its truth. All my life I have been used to feeling, seeing, hearing, sensing, intuiting. Understanding how energy works and watching it move, change, and take form comes naturally to me. Explaining it so that you can understand it as well has been my biggest hurdle here. There will be times when I repeat certain key concepts to help you determine your energy group and soul sign with confidence. Stay with me, and trust yourself to intuit your tendencies, your motivations, the real you. I know you'll be glad that you did. There are so many stories I could tell, enough to fill several books more than I have written already, and each day there are more. My life is rich with the wonder of God and His plan, and all I want to do is share. So come with me now and I will take you on a journey. Walk with me now, and let me tell you about soul signs. Excerpted from Soul Signs: An Elemental Guide to Your Spiritual Destiny by Rosemary Altea All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xiii
Part I A Garden of Souls
Walk with Me Nowp. 3
Some Things We Can't Change, Some Things We Canp. 9
Our Soul: What Is It? Where Is It?p. 19
As All Good Gardeners Knowp. 33
Part II Energy Groups
And Then There Are Fivep. 43
It's Elementalp. 49
Acting In and Out of Characterp. 57
At Work, Rest, and Play-And in Lovep. 67
Part III Soul Signs
A Host of Golden Daffodilsp. 81
Thirteen Soulsp. 89
Going with the Flowp. 125
Nailing It Downp. 137
Evil in Our Midstp. 147
So Now You Knowp. 161
Part IV Relationships
Playmates, Helpmates, Soul Matesp. 169
Connecting the Dotsp. 183
Our Wider Possibilitiesp. 199
Mirror Imagep. 215
Never Againp. 223
All Creatures Great and Smallp. 243
I Am!p. 255
Part V The End and the Beginning
The Final Chapterp. 261